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  1. KKing

    FS/FT Sight Mark 3x Tactical Magnifier with slide to side mount

    Couldn't get used to using this with my AR pistol so I'm gonna let it go, it's not a "long range" weapon anyway. Has one scrape on the bottom of the mounting base that doesn't effect functionality at all and once mounted you can't see. I tried to get a picture of it but it didn't show very well...
  2. KKing

    Anyone want to trade me some 9mm or .223 for some 22lr?

    I have 22lr, coming out my ears actually. Only bad thing is I store mine loose in ammo cans. BUT, I have a couple of recent purchase that I haven't dumped into the can still in the box, just figured I might see if anyone needs any and is willing to part with some 9mm Luger or .223. I have a 525...
  3. KKing

    Here's the problem, well one anyway

    This is about like me trying to make laws about Astro physics Fixed the Link HRPC
  4. KKing

    10" Midwest Industries SS-free float customizable handguard

    Bought this thing and now I'm looking at going a different direction. It's brand new, but it has been opened to take a picture. Comes with a 2" and 4" rail and hardware. I bought it for $140+$20 shipping, I'll let it go for $140 shipped. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  5. KKing

    Some may have seen this...22lr at 300 yards

    I won't look at my .22 the same anymore. Granted, this isn't near what I want should I ever have the need to kill anyone/anything at 300, but heck I was surprised Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  6. KKing

    Something a little different. My slow AR build

    I didn't really know where to put this, because when finished it will be an AR, but....a pistol. Impractical? Sure. Novelty? Well, maybe. A load of fun? Hell yes. I'm looking at building a 10"-10.5" pistol, and I've started gathering parts. I'm starting out with a GT Vector Mil spec nekkid...
  7. KKing

    Couple small things: BSA red dot, Hogue Handall, Quake Optics Cover

    Couple things sitting around that I'm just not using or have an extra. BSA red dot: used for a day on my PLR and I decided I liked the look and function of my irons better. I got nothing against it, just not my thing for that weapon. Kind of an "it is what it is" type deal. Comes in original...
  8. KKing

    Gentlemen of the Glock, give me your ears.....and opinions

    Alright Glock guys, I'm looking at getting into a Glock. I have a G26 (for now) so I'm not completely ignorant on them but my G26 isn't much fun to shoot. The decision I'm trying to make is between a G17 and a G19, either would be a gen 3 I believe. It would be 99% a target pistol, that's why...
  9. KKing

    My candidate for 2016

    I think this speaks for itself. It's long, but well worth watching
  10. KKing

    Hi, my name is Kyle, and I have a sickness

    Not literally, just figuratively. Just noticed a pattern in my gun buying/collecting I figured I'd share. I recently purchased a Kahr CM9 online to replace my pf9 as my EDC. Well while I was waiting for it to arrive I proceeded to buy 3 spare mags, Pearce grip extensions, trijicon front sight...
  11. KKing

    Reply from my legislation

    Not sure that this is the right section, but I wanted to share this because it made me grin. I guess I should preface this by saying I know this may have never even been seen by Joey Hensley, and I certainly know he didn't write the response, but the content of the reply is what makes me happy...
  12. KKing

    My loss, your gain. Aguilla 22lr Super Colibri 500 rounds

    I was buying some stuff online and at the checkout it suggested this stuff. I never even checked it out, just added it to my order. Got it in today and opened it up...err...umm...big oops for me. I'll do $20 shipped if anyone is interested, simply because I'm an idiot. Here's some info on what...
  13. KKing

    This is my stance on "gun control"

    Love this guy, and his videos. Let me know if it doesn't work, trying to post from my phone
  14. KKing

    Hey fellas, new from TN

    New to the site but not to weapons. Looking forward to learning and sharing what I learn too
  15. KKing

    Anyone with a Kel-tec SU-22?

    I know the Most popular is the 10/22 for obvious reasons but I bought this rifle a couple months back and I have to say I love it. I had read reviews of people having trouble with FTF's and FTE's but I have yet to have any of significance. It is very ammo picky though, just as most .22's I've...