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  1. Arckadian

    The Weapons Forum Joke Thread

    Hehehe I like this thread, nice idea.
  2. Arckadian

    Household Critters

    I use to have a cat that was me best friend. However since her passing I have mostly avoided getting another pet that was special to me. We do have some out door cats at the house, but I don't really have any attachment to them.
  3. Arckadian

    Pukko knife.

    Welcome to the Weapons Forum
  4. Arckadian

    Ruger Precision Rifle

    I want an AR-10 308 rifle. I am just waiting to see if that is a feasible option soon. I have a Mosin Nagant, but that thing has a kick like a mule.
  5. Arckadian

    The S has HTF! What Gun Do You Grab?

    Picked up a Sig Sauer P938 (9mm pistol) for the wife. She likes it and its not a bad little conceal gun.
  6. Arckadian

    EOTechs finally coming down...

    Nope not kidding . . . flat broke right now . . . . but then the EOTech I am looking at is still $1000 hehe
  7. Arckadian

    EOTechs finally coming down...

    I want an EOTech eventually . . . . but man the price needs to be a little more right than they are now. Its getting better, but still a bit to rich for my blood.
  8. Arckadian

    Incendiary Ammo available

    Incendiary ammo huh . . . . geez might be a little over kill unless you need to stop a car by shooting the engine block . . .
  9. Arckadian

    ATI TactLite Stocks On Sale

    I shall be looking into that very soon.
  10. Arckadian

    So Whatcha Doin' Today?

    Sorry I have been gone for so long. I have been working on getting money with my 3D printer, fixing up my new to me truck and camper, and recreating a computer game. It has been very busy time for me. Today I am having to redesign a very bad 3D model that someone, who is paying me, wants...
  11. Arckadian

    The S has HTF! What Gun Do You Grab?

    I usually have a handgun on me already, so if I had to get a second one . . . agree, it would have to be the AR-15. The pistol I carry is chambered in .45 so not uncommon, but heavier than some.
  12. Arckadian

    So Whatcha Doin' Today?

    Today I am helping a friend see that having insurance is a good thing. A friend of mine, retired Air Force, is looking at getting his USCCA membership done today. With everything going on, it always helps to be covered should you need to defend yourself.
  13. Arckadian

    Damn I love my "Red Dot"

    I recently got my own optics for my AR. I got it Yesterday and installed it, now I am waiting for the weekend to go and zero it in and have some fun. So far its really cool, but I want to see how much better my aim can get now that I can see the target.
  14. Arckadian

    Gettin back to chatting

    Ahh the joys of being sick. Glad to hear that you are doing better.
  15. Arckadian

    3D Printing

    Well I finished the print, but I need to make a slight modification and create one piece so that I can finish the blaster. The printing of the new piece should only take minutes, but I need it so that the end actually snaps onto the barrel. The model is just a little to small. I will get the...
  16. Arckadian

    3D Printing

    You would be correct. That is the Han Solo blaster, at least one version of it. I am currently working on more items for other people as well. One person wants models of military vehicles that he served on. My father joked around that he wants a Dodge Viper truck, still working on either...
  17. Arckadian

    3D Printing

    Well I have started a new thing for me and I am creating 3D printed items for the geeks and cosplayer types of people here in Utah. I am currently making some masks, belt buckles, blasters and other things with my 3D printer and finally getting some money to help pay the bills. The funny thing...
  18. Arckadian

    So Whatcha Doin' Today?

    Well hmm today I was playing a game and thinking about going out to my truck and replacing a length of cable to my starter. I need to get that done soon because when I go to the gas station and shut the truck down, I am unable to start it backup until I jump the starter directly. . . At least I...
  19. Arckadian

    Tired of being fat

    I am still in the fat stage . . . can't seem to work up the urge to get off me butt and actually work out. Probably should, but ehh. . .
  20. Arckadian

    I belive we have too many subforums

    Trying to think of something that can revitalize the forum, can start looking into this suggestion.