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    History of Arlington National Cemetery

    If anybody comes to visit, let me know. I'm there Wed/Thurs mornings, most weeks.
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    Mug shots used as targets

    Just when you think they can't get any more ridiculous, they go and prove you wrong... Just shoot at enlarged bowling pin silhouettes...
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    Shots fired at Biden's home

    I am unable to understand "arrested for resisting arrest."
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    Brilliant Principal Suggests Arming Kids With Canned Food

    Well then they shouldn't have a problem with us openly carrying holstered handguns in grocery stores anymore, since canned vegetables are a better weapon than my 1911, and there are a whole lot more of them in the store.
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    Mug shots used as targets

    Thank you
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    Well Isn't This Special

    I would be unable to be present while the call is being broadcast.
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    Mug shots used as targets

    Just think before you post. A lot of people have been arrested in spite of having done nothing wrong. Making yourself out to be better than them when they're not here to defend themselves is pretty weak, don't you think?
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    Mug shots used as targets

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    Put 15% forward cant on OWB holster

    I like the forward cant as well. I have a blackhawk holster set up that way and a couple desantis speed scabbards, but I think their cant is a little more than that.
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    Mug shots used as targets

    Yeah, that was the comment I'm referring to. It's out of line. Whether you used the word guilty or not, your implication was obvious, and still is. The point made in the article that these police officers may be seeing those pictured on their targets when they're armed on duty should be enough...
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    Here is a really bright idea

    I'm not here as a tourist, so I can take it everywhere I've been so far.
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    Here is a really bright idea

    No thanks, I'll stick with my Kabar multitool.
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    Mug shots used as targets

    Only criminals get mug shots? Kind of a slam dunk for the prosecution then. Judge: How do you know he's guilty? Prosecutor: Here's his mug shot. Judge: Guilty. Fortunately, nobody who has ever been arrested for a crime has been acquitted. That would just be messy.
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    weres all of our members?

    yeah it pretty much sucks to live here. Only 2 years & 10 months or so remaining... Had to put all, I mean both, my firearms, both boxes of ammo, handloading stuff, accessories, etc. in storage. Have a knife I got for Christmas that I'm legally carrying for now. KA-BAR Knives, Inc. - Knives >...
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    weres all of our members?

    been working, busy, quitting, training, moving, working. Now living defenseless in occupied territory.
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    Great Training with my GP100!

    Sounds like a great day!
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    body armor

    What do you want it do do? More protection=less concealment.
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    Post Pics of Bows and Arrows

    It's ridiculously fun, and less expensive than firearms (I'm speaking of the arrows, not the bow. The bow cost more than most of my guns individually.) Plus, it doesn't disturb the neighbors when I shoot in my yard.
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    Post Pics of Bows and Arrows

    This one might be ancient: It's an XI Legend Magnum. Best I can tell it was manufactured in '91 or '92. My dad bought it new for himself, then when he upgraded a couple years later, I got it. Here's a new one: Hoyt Faktor 30. Arrived from Palm Beach Archery — Archery today. It's a bit...
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    more gov. waste

    uh...why are we not selling surplus ammo on the commercial market?