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  1. The War Wagon

    SPAS 12 combat shotgun

    Geez, at first glance, I though you'd made a SPAS-12 crossbow! :p
  2. The War Wagon

    My new Taurus M65.

    I have a J framed 605 that I especially like for summer pocket carry - Taurus makes nice revolvers.
  3. The War Wagon


    These conversations always remind of the 17: 48 mark. :rolleyes: 21 Simpson Tall Tales |
  4. The War Wagon

    Funny Pics

    MORE Portlandia GENIUS! :boxed::boxed::boxed:
  5. The War Wagon

    Funny Pics

    They can't drive in Potlandia, either - 3" of snow, and they're all like this! :facepalm:
  6. The War Wagon

    Funny Pics

    On the BRIGHT side, Yankees can't drive either! :emotions33: The "C" in NASCAR, don't stand for "Connecticut!" :roflsquared:
  7. The War Wagon

    Patton's .357

    Nope. I don't think he'd of taken the job, if they'd given it to him by acclamation. The west was still TRYING to play kissy-face with the USSR (which they would do, until the Berlin blockade and the development of Russian hydrogen bomb, a few years later); Patton was a definite impediment to...
  8. The War Wagon

    Funny Pics

    When I got my '79 Bronco - in 1987 - I thought, "A HA! I'm FINALLY gonna find out what I've been missing all these years, on a snow day!" This was when I was living in Salisbury, NC. Sure enough, we get a nice 9" snowfall that next January, so I take off into the night - hubs locked, 4 - High...
  9. The War Wagon

    Patton's .357

    My great uncle was a CSM under Patton during WWII. He was not much different, if the movie is anywhere near accurate. :eek:
  10. The War Wagon

    Funny Pics

    Pretty much.
  11. The War Wagon

    Ruger SR556 Takedown

    As a former POF-415 owner, that's veddy, veddy, nice...
  12. The War Wagon

    Funny Pics

    Blatantly stolen from Pirate 4x4, because we have just enough snow here tonight, to make the lousy drivers seek milk & toilet paper. :rolleyes:
  13. The War Wagon

    Marxist Vegan Restaurant Closes...

    A GOOD salad, has meat, eggs, meat, cheese, meat and meat. It SHOULD be at least three quarters protein. :favorites37:
  14. The War Wagon

    Marxist Vegan Restaurant Closes...

    The Bob Evans Cobb salad - with extra blue cheese - is as close as I get to, "vegan." :pepper:
  15. The War Wagon

    Russian Hacker IDENTIFIED!!!

    ANOTHER "big" surprise... :iranmaybe: :emotions33:
  16. The War Wagon

    Foreign Government Bought Influence in US Election!!!

    B-I-G surprise! :iranmaybe: Which BEGS the question... That is to say...
  17. The War Wagon

    Marxist Vegan Restaurant Closes...

    ...After Customers No Longer Willing to Wait 40 Minutes for a Sandwich :goofy_batman: Silly communists - don't they realize? I'll bet they "paid," with this! :lewx4:
  18. The War Wagon

    Funny Pics

    For flaming 'mo-'mo's on JetBlue flights, who feel "threatened" by the President-elect's grandchildren. :rolleyes:
  19. The War Wagon

    NYPD relaxes uniform policy to allow for beards, turbans

    MN sent one to CONgress - he's about to become the head of the DNC. :iranmaybe: