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  1. Jo6pak

    New Ruger GP100 22LR

    Cool, Gotta agree with kwo51, an 8-shot .22 mag version would be pretty cool, ammo supply not-with-standing. Would be a great sidearm for snow-shoe hares while up north hunting grouse.
  2. Jo6pak

    Christians In The Line Of Fire

    So, it's open season on Muslims, gays, liberals, and blacks; but it is not allowed to question anything about Christians? I'm sorry, I didn't think they were so thin-skinned as to not enter a discussion into their beliefs.:boxed:
  3. Jo6pak

    Christians In The Line Of Fire

    Not to get into another big theological debate, but I just find it amusing that religious dogma is used as an excuse to oppress half the population (women).
  4. Jo6pak

    CRAZY Christian threatens to shoot Republicans!!!

    Crazy people everywhere. ...Good thing I'm a right-wing pagan:favorites37:
  5. Jo6pak

    Christians In The Line Of Fire

    I agree with the sentiment of the original post. Don't see why it only would apply to "Christians" though. That's hilarious....OH WAIT...You're serious?? :snoopfacepalm:
  6. Jo6pak

    Funny Pics

    I remember 9 of the 16...guess that makes me 56% geezer
  7. Jo6pak

    mohammedan Control, Inc.

    Last week it was a Christian extremist nutjob shooting innocent people at a Planned Parenthood clinic. Let's register and deport them too
  8. Jo6pak

    My Son's First Handgun

    Great first handgun. Can't go wrong with a Glock, and I think the G19 is the best of the breed.
  9. Jo6pak

    Paris attacks another false flag or real??

    another? false flag? Put your tinfoil hat back on, it's time for your nap
  10. Jo6pak

    Marlin 25N

    Nice little rifle. I have a Marlin model 25 that I wish I could get back into shooting condition. It was my first gun, given to me by my father when I was 13. Unfortunately, it has a worn sear that makes it unsafe. (the rifle sometimes fires as soon as the bolt is closed.) Thus the reason for...
  11. Jo6pak

    Gun control laws what a joke

    Preaching to the choir, son. And please try some grammar and punctuation, it makes your posts easier to read and understand.
  12. Jo6pak

    Goverment ends training Syrain rebels

    In their infinite wisdom, the pentagon actually announced exactly where they were deploying the first batch of trained fighters last spring. To which, they were quickly surrounded and annihilated by ISIS forces. Who is going to volunteer for that deal next time??
  13. Jo6pak

    H&R at the Range

    Looks good. Easily minute-of-whitetail accuracy:)
  14. Jo6pak

    Which Handgun are you?

    Glock 21
  15. Jo6pak

    This is interesting...

    That video has been up for a while, I've seen it several times already.
  16. Jo6pak

    War on cops!!!!!!

    And you guys wonder why this forum isn't more popular. More than half the stuff on this site is just Obama bashing, pissing and bitching about everything. Obummer this, libtards that, blame everyone for everything and preach about it to those that share the same beliefs and views. The...
  17. Jo6pak

    Gun control groups accused of ‘swatting’ open-carry permit holders

    If I see someone open carrying a handgun in public, I wouldn't worry too much about it. But if some asshat is walking the street with an AK or AR, you can bet that I'll be making a call to the cops to at least check him out.
  18. Jo6pak

    Review: Fiocchi 357 Magnum 142 gr FMJ

    I've been using Fiocchi in my 9mm shield and .40cal CZ75 for range ammo. Inexpensive, runs perfect, relatively clean and accurate. It's generally the cheapest ammo around here except for Winchester White Box, which does not run well at all in the CZ.