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    First Home Built AR

    Need to start a 6.8 next. Have Grendel and this one is a .223 Wylde
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    Does BCM offer a bolt carrier only?

    Ended up with a Kies. The thing is perfect!
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    Does BCM offer a bolt carrier only?

    I don't need a comllete bcg. Just need a carrier and would like to use one of theirs
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    Got my neat little .22LR Ammo Box

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    So when will the next scare occur?

    Im not real sure about it happening during the Mid Terms. I initially thought about it being the Mid Terms as well but I don't think the Dems want to rock the boat with Obamacare already out there. I figure it will be between the mid terms and Presidential election. If the dems win seats then...
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    So when will the next scare occur?

    Next pres election?
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    North American Arms Mini Revolvers

    Dog idea is pretty good but I have 2 little corgi's. Maybe I should train them lol. Was just working on an atm last night in another goups area. Had a guard with me and we heard 3 shots, then 2 return shots. Sounded like it was only just around the block from us
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    WeaponsForum Giveaway Round 1 WINNERS

    Did mine get mailed out? Haven't received it yet.....
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    North American Arms Mini Revolvers

    yes I understand that but in this case its either no gun, or this little guy that can be stowed in a pocket and to the normal person looks like a pocket knife
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    North American Arms Mini Revolvers

    North American Arms .22 MAGNUM, 1 5/8" BARREL WITH HOLSTER GRIP AND CONVERSION CYLINDER Anybody have one or any experience? Friend of mine is a statey and he carries one for a backup. My job requires me to work on ATM's and many of them are outside machines. These outside machines are fully...
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    Another trigger option for ARs

    Same here, am definitely interested in this
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    7.62/51 did the job

    what round was used
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    Even lead-free ammo may harm lung function

    eh what can a person do anymore that doesn't take a few moments from their life.
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    WeaponsForum Giveaway Round 1 WINNERS

    Wow that was quick. You guys are getting your stuff alreadY
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    My first tomahawk

    Ive Estwings are surely the best and the Kobalts aren't bad either. Ive been seing SOG Hawks at Walmarts lately and they look to be pretty nice as well
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    Don't think ive ever heard of this product
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    WeaponsForum Giveaway Round 1 WINNERS

    SAWEEET! Appreciate it thanks to all. I have never won a contest or drawing unless it was from a Nigerian princess lol. Makes a shitty day a bit brighter! Thanks again :party33:
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    New Ruger Rifle SR762

    lol sounds like a plan and vice versa
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    TulAmmo review

    nothing wrong with Steel cased ammo. I actually feel that its more accurate in my handgun
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    Get "free" shipping from Midway

    ran across this the other day on another forum and it works. Basically you add to your cart one of the items listed in their free shipping category. Then add the items you want to buy and instead of paying shipping you just pay for one of the cheaper free shipping items. I just ordered a...