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    Eyal Boguslavsky | 6/03/2017 Contact author Send to printer Send to a friend A+A-Siz

    IWA 2017: Silver Shadow Unveils the Gilboa DBR Snake Eyal Boguslavsky | 6/03/2017 Contact author Israeli company Silver Shadow, manufacturer of the "Gilboa" rifles and the patented "Corner Shot" presents for the first time at IWA 2017, currently taking place in Nuremberg, Germany, the much...
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    Israeli Meprolight unleashes a new red dot micro sight at IWA

    IWA 2017: Meprolight Launches New Red Dot Micro Sight With quick release and backup night sights, the MEPRO MicroRDS is designed for pistols, rifles, and shotguns. Israel Defense's correspondent Eyal Boguslavsky reports from Nuremberg Eyal Boguslavsky | 3/03/2017 Contact author Meprolight Ltd...
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    Look at the new Israeli made Kalashnikov - fire test

    Israeli-Made Kalashnikov in Action Israel Defense's firearms correspondent, former deputy world champion and Israeli Olympic shooting champion, test fired the Israeli-made Kalashnikov assault rifle. Here's a close look at the AK Alfa Danielle Roth-Avneri | 2/03/2017 Contact author Since it was...
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    Exclusive: IMI and Hartman Optics to Develop and Supply New Sight for IDF

    Exclusive: IMI and Hartman Optics to Develop and Supply New Sight for IDF Israel Defense has learned that the two companies signed a contract for a project to develop a new, cutting-edge small arms ammunition & Rifle-launched grenade weapon sight to be supplied to an elite unit of IDF...
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    Directly from IWA Outdoor Classics in Germany

    The art of AK-47 modernization FAB-Defense, the Israeli weapon modernizing manufacturer, unveiled at the IWA 2016 exhibition at Germany, a replacement dust cover named Picatinny Dust Cover. A special coverage from Nuremberg Eyal Boguslavsky | 6/03/2016 FAB-Defense, the Israeli weapon...
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    Photo's from an exhibition in Israel

    The problem with the M-60 and the M-240 ( or the original Belgian MAG) is the weight. A tired soldier scores less terrorists.
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    Photo's from an exhibition in Israel

    You can see the new Negev NG-7 Machine gun with the 7.62mm caliber. In the back you can see the Tavor X-95R and another X-95 flattop rifles. Both are a product of Israeli Weapons Industry - IWI. [/url]IMG_4333[1] by Israel Defense, on Flickr[/IMG] [/url]IMG_4332[1] by Israel Defense, on...
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    Government Approved: CAA Can Manufacture Small Arms in Israel

    True, yet should get an extra touch sometimes. But the industry is in the right direction. This announcement is a step in the right direction. Competition is always good.
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    Government Approved: CAA Can Manufacture Small Arms in Israel

    The Israeli government approved CAA, a new weapons manufacturer. According to Israel Defense's sources, in the first stage the company plans to focus on producing a Kalashnikov-style rifle. However, the government's decision allows the company to develop additional tools, including pistols Ami...
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    Inside AK 74
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    Soldiers Get Some M240B Trigger Time Before Deploying to Kuwait

    California Army National Guard 1st Battalion, 140th Aviation Regiment, 40th Combat Aviation Brigade, conducts aerial gunnery drills at Fort Hunter Liggett, Calif., July 16-19, 2015, in preparation for their upcoming deployment to Kuwait later this year. Throughout the course of the exercise...
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    Solutions for Operational Gaps in the Military & Civilian Markets

    Benny Kokia, VP Sales & Marketing of Meprolight, about the future trends and the new markets that were opened, against the background of Meprolight’s participation in the IWA Outdoor Classics 2015 exhibition in Germany. The presence of the Meprolight Company of Israel was prominent at the...
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    Red-Dot on scope=Hollywood-Fantasy?

    In the IDF - Israel Defense Forces I used a red dot scope by Trijicon ASOG. There's the red dot model and without. It's not for the long range though, but could be effective above half a KM.
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    Chattanooga shooting

    RIP, it's sad. Terrorists only rest 6 feet under, nowhere else.
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    The Syrian turmoil and the weapons used - main thread

    This movie shows how the Syrian Rebel roof group named "Jaish Al Fateh" ( Army of Conquest ) shoots an anti tank missile ( I think it's a Russian Kornet ) on A Hezbollah tank on the Qalamoun mountains bordering Lebanon with Syria. Jaish Al Fateh is a roof rebel group including several groups...
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    The Syrian turmoil and the weapons used - main thread

    This time I will bring the humble use the same faction use in the Province of Haleb and Idlib in north Syria. The improvised use of 120mm and 81mm mortar is wide by these groups. As you can see the 120mm mortar needs more weight on it for it not to be too loose. The movie -...
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    The Syrian turmoil and the weapons used - main thread

    I have come up to a conclusion my little knowledge in weapons can't overcome all of the weapons used. In Syria there's a proxy war that lasts for more than 4 years. In this war ( which most people refer to as the 'Civil War' ) we find great use of weapons, from the common AK-47 up to MLRS and...
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    New guy

    I actually liked the Barrett M-82 most since I was with the snipers at the begining. My personal weapon was an M-4 Flat-Op with a Trijicon ASOG magnifier.
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    Dutch special forces to buy carbines chambered in 300 BLK

    The Netherlands Maritime Special Operations Force (NL-MARSOF) are planning to purchase a new carbine chambered in the non-NATO standard 7.62x35 mm (300 BLK), with a formal tender being launched by the Netherlands' Defence Material Organisation. The tender is the first publicly known tender for...
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    Double barrelled AR-15 in production

    Is that commercial yet? Whats is the expectations for any release of such thing?