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  1. DrkSide

    Oh really! Fontana School PD Get's AR-15's

    Once again the media preys on those that are uninformed. To most people that get their information from MSM all they are told is that it is a high powered round. People don't verify their facts they just believe what they are spoon fed.
  2. DrkSide

    Oh really! Fontana School PD Get's AR-15's

    Their ARs are only high-powered semiautomatic rifles, our ARs are machines of death. I thought everyone knew that?
  3. DrkSide

    Here it comes

    hotrodpc, from what I can tell people did not think that the 1994 AWB would have a chance at passing but it did. I truly think that we should be worried about what they are trying to do to us citizens and keep writing our representatives. The bill in its entirety may not pass but they may...
  4. DrkSide

    Reply from my legislation

    This is much better of a response than I got from Senator Mark Pryor: "There is no doubt the shooting has heightened Americans' attention to gun laws, and a number of proposals have already been brought forth in response to this tragedy. I feel it is my duty as a U.S. Senator to consider...
  5. DrkSide

    Here it comes

    My sentiments exactly. I only hope that it will be struck down in its entirety instead of just parts of it to appease certain people. I am all about compromise, but we have lost too many freedoms in this nation to compromise with loosing more of them.
  6. DrkSide

    I Just Don't Know What To Say

    That is pathetic...... "I am going to kill you with a hug" <----Terrorist Threat
  7. DrkSide

    1911's... Let's see em...

    After my AR build is done that will be my next purchase. I have wanted one since they were available but the LGS has not had one since then.
  8. DrkSide

    Tax credit for surrendering "assault weapons"

    Write your reps and let them know that this is not acceptable use of tax money. It is a clear attack on the 2nd amendment. Anyone who thinks that it is not just remember that it is much easier to entice someone to give up something than to fight them for it.
  9. DrkSide

    Tax credit for surrendering "assault weapons"

    1. Buy Hi-Point Carbine 2. Give to Government 3. Profit
  10. DrkSide

    GPS For Your Gun

    The american gun owner is now guilty until proven innocent.
  11. DrkSide

    A Rational Discussion on Guns

    The definition of rational seems to escape him. Or maybe he is immune to logic.
  12. DrkSide

    Tax credit for surrendering "assault weapons"

    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ H.R.226 - Support Assault Firearms Elimination and Reduction for our Streets Act - Bill Text | | Library of Congress
  13. DrkSide

    Screenprinted shirts

    :facepalm: Teach me to pay more attention before posting..... Sent him a PM.
  14. DrkSide

    Screenprinted shirts

    Has anyone reliably used an online source for getting custom designed shirts? I am going to design my own but I don't know who is reliable. I found and they actually have USA made shirts which is a huge plus.
  15. DrkSide

    Texas leading the way!

    Arkansas is right there with them. I am pleased to see someone in government finally doing something good that will protect my rights instead of strip them away.
  16. DrkSide

    Ranges ...

    Yea, the more the better but when you are working with the amount of money that I have available it is hard to get much more than a residential lot. I have a friend that wants to go in with me so that will make it a little easier. Just found 140+ acres for $600 an acre. Now to just find out...
  17. DrkSide

    Ranges ...

    Currently I go to a indoor range about 20 minutes away that is $15 an hour for me and the wife. If we have time we can go 1hr to the outdoor state range but it is sometimes full of people that I don't trust to shoot around. We are looking at buying some land to get a small cabin and shooting...
  18. DrkSide

    Impact Seal Targets

    I was looking at those the other day at cabelas. If I had somewhere to shoot besides the local indoor range I would definitely pick some up. Thanks for the review.
  19. DrkSide

    18 Year Old Shoots Self In Head

    He was stupid enough to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger which is the most ridiculous thing that he could have done. I am sorry for his family but anyone that stupid does not get my sympathy.
  20. DrkSide

    Another School Shooting? - Taft High School

    "We must all fear evil men. But there is another kind of evil which we must fear most, and that is the indifference of good men." - ??? This pretty much sums it up. Evil men are going to do bad, but good men that do nothing are worse. Quite a few stereotypes were based out of reality. Seems...