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    Would a Glock 22 turn warm after being shot 3 times?

    Definitely. I have Glock 22 which I practice target shooting with every day. It gets warmer as I shoot 3 consecutive bullets.
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    New Shooter

    Nice to know about her skills. My friend is also a female and she got her firearms safety training in Boston. She became eligible to carry her glock 17 to 39+ states. I'm very proud of her and I think I should also get trained in firearms.
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    I really wanna buy one of these..

    Even though it is an “entry level” gun, there’s really nothing in the look and feel of the PPX that’s below any other gun's look and feel. The quality of the machining of the slide is TOP NOTCH.
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    Gun Control Fail: Germany Has 4 Illegal Guns for Every Registered Firearm

    Gun control needs to focus on illegal gun ownership rather than controlling people to use guns for their safety.
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    What is your favorite guns?

    There are many guns are which are my favorites but guns as they change time to time I make the most powerful and light weighted with good looks my favorite. Currently the most favorite gun of mine is Ruger LCR.
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    I really wanna buy one of these..

    Marvelous! I liked WALTHER CCP 9MM very much. Its design is excellent and price is also not costly, so anybody can easily opt it as a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon). However, you must have a gun license before you can make a purchase (Talking from the gun law in Massachusetts point of view).
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    What about Puma 1873?

    Hey guys, let me know about Puma revolvers. I want to know the quality of this revolver. If anybody has PUMA 1873 SAA-22 then your review would be very appreciated.
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    Anyone owning an airsoft gun of any kind?

    I don't have any Airsoft guns. But a pair of Glock 26/27 for concealed carrying. I want to buy airsoft for my little friend Joseph, who has turned 16 this month. I also want him to go for NRA certified firearms safety training course before owning any gun for himself.
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    Scary Situations/ Shown or Pulled Gun

    I have never faced any situation till date which made me show or pull the trigger. I'm sure the day is near as I'm flying off to Honduras soon. I've heard that Honduras' homicide rate of 90.4 per 100,000 is the highest in the world. I hope I'll be safe there till I own my handgun. :)
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    10/22 ruger

    I prefer you to improve the trigger pull by installing an after-market hammer. This will create a trigger pull of 2 1/2 pounds rather than the stock trigger's 8- to 9-pound pull.
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    Modern Muzzleloader

    I use .50 and it is my favorite because supplies for the .50 are as easy to find as .30-06 ammo. You can always sell it or trade it later if you don't like it. My Thompson Center is a .50cal. You have other options such as.54 or .58.
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    Some videos of my Remington 870 SBS

    Nice shooting videos. To become a perfect shooter it is good to get training from professional training firm. Currently I am doing my firearm training to improve my shooting skills. My father also have Remington 870, it is nice to do target shooting from this rifle.
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    Anyone with a Kel-tec SU-22?

    The cheapest gun that I know is the Mossberg 715 around $220, It looks like an AR-15. Though it's the only clone to come with a carry handle.
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    Blind Squirrel

    It is nice to know about new and improved remington225 bullets. Last year i have purchse brick of 500 .22 short Remington thunder bolts for about $21 and 100 rounds of CCI stinger .22 lr $10
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    Sears Model 25

    Congrats for your new gun. You really enjoy target shooting with your Sears Model 25. It is actually a quality rifle made by High Standard under strict Sears requirements. If it is good condition and shoots will sell for $100.00.
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    Obtaining a Class 3 weapon

    For purchasing the class 3 weapon you do not need the class 3 license You only need to get a NFA tax stamp to purchase a NFA weapon. It is easy go to a class three dealer fill out the paper work,finger prints, background check and pay the money. But if you are a dealer then you must need class 3...
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    New from OK

    Hello to all members of this forum. I belong to Boston and now days doing firearms training.