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  1. shooter

    Versacarry Recruit Holster

    I’ve been wanting a leather holster for sometime now for my two Kimber 1911s. I saw the water buffalo hide holsters from Versacarry through a FB ad and finally bought one. I gotta say I’m pretty impressed with the holster. I think it’s very attractive and it holds the weapon well. Time...
  2. shooter

    Bought a new Smith and Wesson M&P40 Shield

    That's a great price. I got mine for mid-low 300s on Cheaperthandirt and now it's up over 400!
  3. shooter

    Scary Situations/ Shown or Pulled Gun

    So 2003 I was in Arizona at the ripe old age of 27. We had driven down a LONG gravel road to the Verde Hot Springs in Camp Verde. The hot springs are all that's left of a huge resort from the 1920's. We had to hike along the river in the dark to get to the springs from the campground we were...
  4. shooter

    Familt brawls with cops at fun park

    That's enough White Trash in one story for a new sitcom on Fox!
  5. shooter

    Scott Walker may eliminate Wi state income tax.

    Illinois' Favorite State Park-Wisconsin I love the guy. He took a mess, made a tough decision and stuck to his guns and made it work. I'd vote for him!
  6. shooter

    Excitement in town yesterday-Armed man put schools into LockDown

    So we had quite the day yesterday afternoon. Sitting at my home office desk and the home phone rings. It was the school district calling to inform us the local PD had notified them that a man was seen carrying what looked like a rifle and that two schools were placed into Lockdown and PD...
  7. shooter

    Tale of two cities

    So I live in the Socialist Republic of Illinois, but I'm very near the WI border. Closer to Packerland than to Chicago really. A close friend is a Fireman/EMT for a fairly large, economically depressed area that most of use avoid going into, especially at night. He said that the first week or...
  8. shooter

    Well ???

    Oh I don't get any money from that. That's just for fun!
  9. shooter

    Well ???

    I've been busy selling semen to buy ammo! Suffice to say my arm is tired.
  10. shooter

    Modified Bowie Knife

    Nice knife. Sharp looking.
  11. shooter

    Dry fire on automatic rifles?

    Yeah, I guess I was so focused on the lack of repeated anything that I neglected the obvious which is there is no click with most of the guns we all shoot. Unless you've ever accidentally had you thumb on the slide lock lever after the last round and the slide went forward and you went click...
  12. shooter

    Dry fire on automatic rifles?

    Hey bud. You'll only hear one click. The act of the rifle firing is what resets the trigger onto a fresh cartridge in preparation for another firing. Hope that helps.
  13. shooter

    Top 5 Survival Guns

    That's what I always said, hide in plain sight. Don't board your windows up. Don't run a generator for a week or two after everyone else has run out of gas. Don't put a fire out with water. There was a period of time this was ALL I could think about. I lost many a night's sleep as my...
  14. shooter

    AR500 Armor Carriers

    Guys, Sorry for the delay in reply. I'm in front of my computer all week for work, so come the weekend I avoid it as much as possible, unless of course I need a fix of naked ladies. And I'm glad I can gross y'all out a bit. I do love my freaky avatars! So my intention for this is more for...
  15. shooter

    AR500 Armor Carriers

    Does anyone have an armor carrier from AR500? I found the site whilst poking around the forum and was wondering how they fit the full sized male. I have a cheapy carrier I got from and it works well with my soft armor, but I think my wife washed it 'cause it shrunk. Does...
  16. shooter

    Top 5 Survival Guns

    I attended a survival class and we went through firearms at length. The best piece of advice is to carry what you can get parts/ammo for. Cops carry Glocks (unfortunatley) so that's a good choice. If your pistol gets damaged and you need a replacement widget, you'll be able to get parts off...
  17. shooter

    Range Simulator

    So this was the best forum I could find to put this in. Mods, feel free to move if you think otherwise. If you've never seen this, it'll waste some of your time today for sure. It's a simulator to teach range estimation using various methods like leveraging Mil Dot scopes. I've come across...
  18. shooter

    223 on stripper clips

    Oh I agree SRT10, I just used them to reload my mags quickly. I carried 9 mags on my for my training course and knowing that I was going to shoot a lot, I didn't want to spend a ton of time reloading the mags. IMHO it's something you do on the bench, not during a fight, unless you have to.
  19. shooter

    223 on stripper clips

    I've used the stripper clip guides on both metal and polymer mags successfully. I took a rifle class and loaded all my ammo into stripper clips to save time and my fingers from loading mags.
  20. shooter

    George Zimmerman arrested..the saga continues.

    I hate how they always refer to Martin as "unarmed teenager". Even after the trial they are still spinning that story to make Martin out as an innocent kid.