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  1. doublestack

    What a Day!!!

    Bummer, hope your wallet turns up! Have found mine in odd places......under sofa, medicine cabinet, under car seat, garage, etc. One tip that I liked was copying the front and back of all your important cards and putting in a secure location. Makes contacting the card issuers and various...
  2. doublestack

    Your Thoughts on Guberment Vs. Apple

    In this type of case(terrorism) I think Apple should crack phone and give feds the info on phone. Apple should not give technology to anyone.
  3. doublestack

    2016 gun list

    Bought too many guns in 2015, so i'm gonna limit myself to two new firearms purchases in 2016. Due to soon be released w/ 4" 6" & 8" barrels, Dan Wesson 715 Pistol Pack: Uberti 1873 .357:
  4. doublestack

    New Six......I mean Seven-shooter!

    One revolver leads to another! Like Autos, they are addicting! You also actually feel like you are getting more out of your range fees as it takes longer to go through a box.:laughing1: My next revolver(8-shooter) for bedside:
  5. doublestack

    New Six......I mean Seven-shooter!

    I like my small frame SP101's, but last month I decided i needed a larger framed revolver. Was initially going to get a GP100, but after watching dozens and dozens of youtube videos reviews, decided to try a S&W. Welcome to the family..... And a few range pics: For a factory trigger, I'd...
  6. doublestack

    2016 Presidential candidates

    Thanks.....I think :hidesbehindsofa:
  7. doublestack

    2016 Presidential candidates

    Think it's just a way for Hilary to get payback on Bill.......feel sorry for the poor Intern that has to go down on Hilary. Now where's the vomit emoticon...?
  8. doublestack

    campus shooting while student gets wallet

    Seems like the kids these days are told to "question authority". Think they take this statement too far. You still need to "respect authority". In the end I think he brought it upon himself. Hopefully todays youth will wise up and learn some respect!
  9. doublestack

    Los Angeles votes to ban high capacity magazines

    Politicians know it won't help, but will make their sheeple happy knowing that something is being done to curb violence.......blind leading the blind. :favorites37:
  10. doublestack

    Chattanooga shooting

    Yes indeed, think that is why I have been buying weapons and carrying. Almost ready to keep my mini-30 in my vehicle in case i need the firepower when shopping at my local Wallyworld! :shooter: I think it's just a matter of time before this will be a common occurrence. Can't believe that our...
  11. doublestack

    Colorado movie shooter appeals decision

    I say put the effer in a glass box w/ a port-a-potty on top and let any one who wants to take a shit/piss and slowly fill that box up.:Plugged: Might make others think twice about committing murder or acts of terrorism. Fuck the liberals.....time to get medieval on all these worthless...
  12. doublestack

    Never go to the store on a empty stomach....

    Guess I am now a Dan Wesson Guardian guardian! A early b-day gift to myself... :party28:
  13. doublestack

    Just couldn't help myself......

    No, it's not's from Belgium, assembled in Portugal! ;-) Think I may have to try some of my Honda Spray wax and polish on it! Took it and the CZ75 pcr to the range this afternoon and put 100 rounds thru each. Here's the last nine thru the HP @ 7yrds free hand...
  14. doublestack

    Just couldn't help myself......

    Just had the urge for a new weapon..... Spent this morning removing the trigger and taking out the trigger-mag safety. Thought I got over my head but managed to R&R the assembly and everthing works. The gritty creep was terrible and decided to remove it before I take it to the range. Now the...
  15. doublestack


    I'm no expert, but I would hate to be a police officer w/ a 6 or 7 shot revolver and have to go up against a bad guy(s) w/ semi-auto weapons! Maybe more training and qualifying or change to a DA/SA weapon w/ decocker and have it holstered in DA or 1/2 cocked....? I never cc'd my Glock 23 w/...
  16. doublestack

    I'm becoming a CZ fan.

    :waytogo: One of the better "bang for the buck" items out there! Looking at purchasing a CZ97BD .45 as my next CZ purchase.......and maybe a Rami 9mm after that? :smoke2:
  17. doublestack

    Review Level III Container System Jerry Cans

    Always a good idea to have a stockpile of extra fuel around! :waytogo: I keep about 20 gal in heavy duty plastic(motosport) containers and older metal cans. Also keep 3 of my motorcycles filled with gas(14-15 gal). Usually just rotate out the oldest gas in the spring and refresh. Probably be a...
  18. doublestack

    National Guardsmen busted in sting opertaion

    I say, shoot/execute them with the rifles and ammo they were trying to sell!
  19. doublestack

    Go Ahead, Make My Day

    Looks like a good option for drive-by hog hunting in those applicable areas! :van: Mmmmm.......BACON! :drool2:
  20. doublestack

    S. Carolina cop charged with murder

    I'm sure the police office snapped mentally and let forth his frustration on the perp.....but, if the perp had done as he was told, he would still be alive. The police office needs to pay for his actions none the less. I can only imagine how much shit police officers must deal with on any given...