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  1. Anthony Appleyard


    There are Youtube videos about flamethrowers, including (US M2/M2A1 Flamethrower) If a man is wearing a backpack flamethrower, what does he do with its gun-part when he needs his hands free to do something else? I thought of putting the gun part in a holster hanging from the belt of the...
  2. Anthony Appleyard

    Ultrasoiund weapons?

    See for a non-lethal ultrasound gun, for use on land. But from what I have heard, powerful ultrasound underwater can be lethal, as water is a thousand times as dense as atmospheric air, and thus ultrasound...
  3. Anthony Appleyard

    Compulsory gun possession

    I read recently that Barentsburg (the main Russian town on Svalbard) had been invaded by 52 polar bears. Likely the Arctic Ocean thawing for the summer had driven the polar bears onto land.
  4. Anthony Appleyard

    Compulsory gun possession

    I heard on a Youtube video recently that on Svalbard / Spitzbergen, (except in its main town Longyearbyen), everybody must have a gun, because of the danger from polar bears.
  5. Anthony Appleyard

    Gun muffler/silencer technology and railways/railroads

    I came across another example of modern fast railway technology and gun technology intersecting :: a web site mentioned a new superfast electric train "firing" passengers from one place to another.
  6. Anthony Appleyard

    Query about the MP5 SD6's rearsight See Someone made a CGI model of the MP5 SD6. He and I have had difficulty interpreting from images its fold-down rearsight and how it hinges up into its working position. Presumably when hinged...
  7. Anthony Appleyard

    Coilguns Google search for "coilgun" leads to some attempts to make coilguns. How far has development of coilguns advanced, in terms of?:- * Power / range / ability to make a hole in things * Weight and bulk, including onboard power supply / battery * How many...
  8. Anthony Appleyard

    Imitation shotguns with a laser in

    What I saw (in England) was not laser fittings to be added to a working shotgun, but an imitation shotgun with a laser and a laser-beam-detector, both pointing forwards, built-in.
  9. Anthony Appleyard

    Imitation shotguns with a laser in

    At agricultural shows I have come across a type of imitation shotgun used for target practice :: it fires a low-powered laser beam; the target "clay" is strong plastic covered with reflector corners, which send the laser beam back to a laser detector on the gun. What is this device officially...
  10. Anthony Appleyard


    I have known from the beginning of what "gunpoint" or "at gunpoint" mean, plus occasional metaphorical uses to mean other sorts of compulsion. But recently I have heard a new use, to mean "a prepared position to install a cannon at".
  11. Anthony Appleyard


    See for the new AK-308. The new magazine shape loses the characteristic AK47 look. I thought that Kalashnikov had a rule :: if n...
  12. Anthony Appleyard

    Kalashnikov numbers

    How often can it be said that the AK-n was first made in the year (1900+n)?
  13. Anthony Appleyard

    Mink as hunting animal

    I have found some web pages including videos about rat elimination using a dog and a trained mink: see Have you seen this subject anywhere online described neutrally rather than advertisorily?
  14. Anthony Appleyard

    Gun muffler/silencer technology and railways/railroads

    See for a somewhat unexpected need for firearms muffler/silencer technology on railways/railroads - - ends of railway tunnels needing mufflers/silencers like guns have.
  15. Anthony Appleyard

    Pneumatic rifles

    How does the noise of a pneumatic rifle shot compare with the noise of an explosive-cartridge-powered rifle shot for the same power?
  16. Anthony Appleyard

    Pneumatic rifles

    In a pneumatic rifle, given no restriction on propellant gas/air cylinder size or cylinder pressure (even if the cylinder is too big to be hidden inside but must be visible), how does maximum power per shot compare with a full-powered rifle powered as usual by explosive-powered cartridges? (As...
  17. Anthony Appleyard

    Ever been tasered?

    I once saw a light aircraft being refuelled, and someone had clipped an earthing lead to the edge of the end of its exhaust pipe, to stop static charge from building up.
  18. Anthony Appleyard

    SPAS 12 combat shotgun Link to Wikipedia article about the SPAS-12 Link to CGI image of man firing the SPAS-12 one-handed. Note the stock-end hook around his right...
  19. Anthony Appleyard

    Heckler & Koch MP5 How easy is it to fire an MP7 in one hand? How common in films and videogames and art are pictures of a man firing two MP7's or similar, one in each hand? I have seen or heard of such representations with Uzis.
  20. Anthony Appleyard

    Ever been tasered?

    Today I saw a television report about a biological expedition to Guiana in South America. It showed electric eels. It called it "a living taser". It showed a caiman (a sort of crocodile) "riding the lightning" after it tried to catch an electric eel and the eel objected, including tremors...