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  1. hotrodpc

    What happened ?!?!?

    Oh, I see part of the problem already. We have to wait for approval before threads are displayed? That'll sure keep people away.
  2. hotrodpc

    What happened ?!?!?

    I find it hard to beleive this place has turned into a ghost town. Any ideas on how to bring back participation? I honestly have a feeling a lot of the problem is people now days are afraid to mention and disucss what they have, building or getrting. It may never thrive again. 🤷‍♂️
  3. hotrodpc

    For Sale Posts..

    So how much do you sell them for?
  4. hotrodpc

    The Colt Python has just been re-released!!!!!!

    I'd agree all of those Anti 2A situations are all about getting PROPER info or lack of info. It is true that SOME 2A supporters get quite fanatical and then there goes info getting twisted. I'd imagine some are pist at Colt just to be pissed because they aren't selling to civilians whether is a...
  5. hotrodpc

    The Colt Python has just been re-released!!!!!!

    And I'm hearing and would have to agree, It's a WHO THE HELL CARES??? Colt can cram it in their bunghole. Colt went greedy and didn't care or listen to their consumer based customers and fans. Colt also quit making AR-15's for civilian citizens and would only manufacture for large government...
  6. hotrodpc

    Oklahoma Constitional Carry Law now in affect.

    Though the bill was passed and signed into law by the governor in Feb I think it was, it's finally effective as of November 1st. We had a libtard Rep trying to get the law replealed before it went into affect. He wasted government time on 3 different attempts at which all failed and he says he's...
  7. hotrodpc

    So How Was Your Thanksgiving?

    Mine went to hell but it did finally end up happening about 7pm at my dad's location instead of my daughters. Long story, not sure I'd want to bore anyone with it but it was fuct up to say the least. At least it was salvaged for the grandkids.
  8. hotrodpc

    Ohhh Lort, Libtards gonna be pist off again !!!

    Mag Capacity limit lifted in Cali by Federal Judge !!! Imainge the heads spinning over this !!! This should aslo set a precedent in other states too. Mag limits should be lifted in all states soon...
  9. hotrodpc

    KY becomes 16th State to legalize Constitutional Carry.

    2nd State in less than a month to legalize it. Effective July 1st in KY, Effective November 1st in OK. :worship:
  10. hotrodpc

    Why you should always use a holster

    So long as it was a bad guy, it worked out perfect. That's how the bad guys get taken care of and how we sort out the bad from the good. Self infliction is always best aka self elimination. I'm good with this. No problem.
  11. hotrodpc

    Defensive pistol suggestions for mom

    If it were my mom, I'd have to set set her up with a Mossberg pump shotgun for home protection and a revolver for carry.
  12. hotrodpc

    Defensive pistol suggestions for mom

    Once I seen arthritis, my suggestion immediately goes to Revolver. Not only can loading a mag be an issue, but racking a slide can be too for some arthritis patients.
  13. hotrodpc

    Oklahoma New Gun Legislation after FL Shooting !!!

    Done deal, we just have to wait til Nov 1st of the year just like we do every year with new bills that get into law to go into affect.
  14. hotrodpc

    Howdy from Oklahoma

    Welcome from OKC Corny !!!
  15. hotrodpc

    Oklahoma New Gun Legislation after FL Shooting !!!

    DONE DEAL !!! Oklahoma is now a Constitutional Carry State. Passed the Senate Committee today, took to Gov Stitts desk where he signed it almost immediately. !!!
  16. hotrodpc

    Oklahoma New Gun Legislation after FL Shooting !!!

    Flew through the House and now the Senate Commitee expected to be at the full senate by morning and fly right on through. So just 2 steps left. Full Senate Vote, then the New Governors signature who has said, I hope OK Congress will hear the Constitutional Carry bill again because I will sign it...
  17. hotrodpc

    Oklahoma New Gun Legislation after FL Shooting !!!

    It's going to go through this time. Sailed through Committee and the House, onto the Sentate. Gov Mary FAILin vetoed it, but the new Gov Stitt encouraged them to send it back through and he's going to sign it. Going to be the 1st good thing he does after being inaugurated last month. OK will be...
  18. hotrodpc

    5 vs 1 home invasion

    That's how it's done. Eliminated 5 threats, 3 permanently. Sorry for him that he has to live with taking 3 lives, and sorry for those guys families who love and will miss them, but for such a situation it ended the way it should have.
  19. hotrodpc

    Possible Luby's Cafeteria Massacre Thwarted in OKC???

    I like to carry my Glock 23 with a Glock 23 mag and 1 in the pipe to keep it smaller so it doesn't print hardly at all. So that's 14rds. On my other hip, a paddle holster with 2 more mags, but they are Glock 22 mags with XGrip spacers for another 15rds x 2. If I can't get it done with 44 rounds...
  20. hotrodpc

    Possible Luby's Cafeteria Massacre Thwarted in OKC???

    Turns out 3 innocent victims hit. 2 were minor, 1 being just a grazed. But the poor 12yo girl shot in the tailbone and the bullet lodged in her stomach, ended up losing part of her colon but is not paralyzed thankfully. She has a long recovery ahead of her but she will live and make very close...