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    Anybody Do Any Reloading?

    Anybody find any reloading supplies back in stock somewhere? I'm itching to try out my press!
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    90 percent of those look like assault arrowheads. Buy em up quick! The non black ones dont scare me hahahaha On a serious note they do look cool! Where would our country be if the Indians would have asked Columbus for his green card.
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    What is the TRUTH!?! AR-15 Used in Sandy Hook or not?

    well just found this oops despp: ** UPDATE ** State Police Identify Weapons in Sandy Hook Investigation
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    What is the TRUTH!?! AR-15 Used in Sandy Hook or not?

    Front page story from Charlotte Observer! I emailed the guys about where they got their info and yet no reply? Were Ar's used or not with high cap mags. Where is the guy from "X"files David I think ....the truth is out there....
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    Wtf ? Geico Cancelling Weopons Relaeted Businesses

    Found This To Go Against The Call You Had.
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    Semi-automatic rifles, automatic assault rifles - question

    Need is as need does! I want an ar-15! I would rather have and not need than need and not have! So if shit does not hit the fan I have a fun range item, if shit does hits the fan it will be their shit from where I blow their ass off.
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    22 long rifle ammo.

    He was given a limit of $200 BUT I was not thinking I would only get 4 boxes. Ya live and ya learn! If ya know somebody who wants it worse than me let them know. I dont want to gouge someone just get my $ back! I just recently traded my welder for a Lee Progressive Press set up for 45 auto. Some...
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    22 long rifle ammo.

    My friend just bought me 4 (525)bulk Federal 36 gr plated hollow point. I made the mistake of saying if you find any 22 buy it for me..... he found at pawn shop and they charged him (now my bill) $50 a box!!!! WTF!!!!
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    2-4 is all you need

    One commenter posted "Well I hope he passes a law against five or more assailants just to make it fair." LMAO Some of the worst and smartest comments appear under the comment section of all these blogs. Sometimes better reading than the story alone.
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    Another School Shooting? - Taft High School

    "He comes off as the kind of kid who would do something like this," Patterson said. "He talked about it a lot, but nobody thought he would." WTF!
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    Interesting, what will they come out with next!

    Might be a fun add on to my M&P 15/22 if not for needing a class 3 for it :(
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    Hey, from NC

    Welcome to the forum, from NC!
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    Merry Christmas To Me!! XDs

    Ok, A little update.... I went to the range and shot the XDs for a little while on 29th and have to agree with my first thoughts... the grip is aggressive!! Could not see myself enjoying practice with it after 50 rounds. I also forgot that an indoor range isnt climate controlled, it was like 35...
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    Merry Christmas! To All!!!

    Hope you get everything you need and a little of what you want. :boobs:
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    Concealed carry holsters

    How comfortable is it?
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    Merry Christmas To Me!! XDs

    Cant wait to shoot it. For those who have shot the XDs how jumpy is it?
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    S&W M&P 9mm Shield

    Sold! And got my XDs at the same time woohoo!
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    What Am I Missing?

    Was looking at bidgunner penny auction site and it doesnt make sense to me. Correct me if im wrong... you spend $600 for 1000 bids which is .60 cents per bid(no help needed there). Even if you "snipe" and only use your bids at the end of an auction and only have to use let's say 100 bids to win...