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  1. SilvrSRT10

    ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Scope

    Anyone have any experience with this scope? Looks very interesting. Can be used both in daylight and as a night scope. Very reasonable price for night vision. Throw on an IR flashlight on for long distance night vision. I've watched video's of guys hunting rats in pitch black using these...
  2. SilvrSRT10

    So How Was Your Thanksgiving?

    Mine was fine and uneventful. No traveling, no house guests, no turkey. My wife and I spent the day putting out the exterior Christmas decorations. The weather was nice so we took advantage of the free time. All of our relatives that we would normally get together with were out of town. I can't...
  3. SilvrSRT10

    Florence is heading this way

    I live North of Raleigh in NC. Looks like the storm track will bring Florence to my neighborhood. Probably not as a full blown hurricane but still dangerous with winds and rain. Going to be an interesting end of the week. According to this forecaster, we are going to get hosed.
  4. SilvrSRT10

    Now For Something Completely Different

    Not that strange for Wyoming. WYOMING MAN FOUND WITH 30 EYEBALLS IN HIS ANAL CAVITY Wyoming Man Found with 30 Eyeballs in His Anal Cavity | CRAZED.COM
  5. SilvrSRT10

    The S has HTF! What Gun Do You Grab?

    The time has come. Everything is crumbling around you. You only have time to get your bug out bag and one gun. What do you grab?
  6. SilvrSRT10

    Bernie Under Investigation

    Bernie, Jane Sanders Being Investigated for Bank Fraud
  7. SilvrSRT10

    Looking for.....

    Where can I get this? Haven't found any on Ebay or Amazon.
  8. SilvrSRT10

    Mosin Nagant Rifle

    I've had a Mosin Nagant rifle for......well, forever. I bought it on a whim from a department store here in town called Roses for around $70. I dug it out of the safe the other day due to a friend talking about a bayonet he got for his M1 Garand. I told him I'd been looking on and off for a...
  9. SilvrSRT10

    So Whatcha Doin' Today?

    Here's a thread just to share any interesting things that happen in your day. I was way out in the country installing a 16' wide by 11' tall door today. I work alone so I have to find ways to assist myself. Like holding up the track at the back while I bolt up everything up front. Gets...
  10. SilvrSRT10

    Predictions for the Inauguration

    I know there are some whiney groups out there that would like to disrupt the inauguration. I've seen clandestine video of them making plans. Will they be successful? Or will the Patriot Guard put a boot up their azzes? I'm hoping for the latter.
  11. SilvrSRT10

    My Friday Project

    We've been going through some wood this year. Been using our wood stove as our main source of heat while we're home. Need to get some more wood split but dreaded the idea of having to stay bent over while operating the splitter or having to put it on car ramps to get it high enough to work with...
  12. SilvrSRT10

    NC GOP Headquarters Firebombed

    Those tolerant liberals are at it again. And they call us Nazi's. Pat McCrory: Firebombing
  13. SilvrSRT10

    Interesting Video on Election
  14. SilvrSRT10

    Hurricane Matthew

    He's heading this way. Suppose to make landfall approx. the NC/SC line by Saturday. Also predicted to be a Cat 2. Wife and I spent the weekend on Kiawah Island Resort. Left this morning and am currently in Myrtle Beach SC. Looks like we'll cut the vacation short and be heading towards home...
  15. SilvrSRT10

    Running Out of Gas

    Well, the broken fuel pipeline is beginning to affect us here. Many gas stations are out of every grade of gas. I've still got about 3/4 tank in the work truck. I think I'll stop by my local station and top it off in the morning if they still have any. All my other vehicles are already topped...
  16. SilvrSRT10

    Concealed Carry - Duty to Inform Map

    Do You Have A Duty To Inform When Carrying Concealed? We Look At All 50 States For The Answers – Concealed Nation
  17. SilvrSRT10

    So what's your ideal home defense gun?

    Pistol? Rifle? Shotgun? Slingshot? Straw and a spitball? I normally keep a pistol on the armrest of my easy chair. But I think the best HD gun is a shotgun. But as usual it depends on the layout of your home. Are the doorways and hallway wide enough to maneuver with a shotgun? Do you have a...
  18. SilvrSRT10

    Make up your mind

    The weather. Potential of going down to 21 tonight. Just came in from helping the wife cover all her plants in the garden. Using whatever we could find around the house. We did buy a roll of plastic which we were able to cover two of her planting beds with. I had sheets of cardboard that we...
  19. SilvrSRT10

    Your Thoughts on Guberment Vs. Apple

    Here's Mine.....