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    Remember this one?

    Feels like... Well, the line is up and running!!! High Noon Holsters, Gun Holsters and Concealment Holsters Bison gear is available at High Noon right now. I have many products from this company and love them all, great gear, great people!
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    My Christmas present

    A brand new High Noon Rock Steady gun belt, (I lost weight, can you believe it?), and this gem, The sharp eyed will note it's NOT for a CZ, but a Glock 19. This baby is for work, and will really get to show how tough it can be under pressure. And here it is with a little polish on it, should...
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    And out we went

    Took some effort to get a weekend day we could all get together, and quail season has just of course, we go quail hunting! Or so we thought! The guy in the orange vest got one - I didn't get a clear shot at any, and the other guy got skunked. As we loaded up our gear, some locals...
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    Odd holster review

    It’s not often that I can’t show you a great new High Noon holster without the sidearm it’s designed for, but this is a special case – I don’t own the Glock 19. It’s issued to me. Not making sense? Let me explain. First, this excellent High Noon Slide Guard came to me in the mail a week or...
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    Cz 527 csr

    A short video I did today about the conversion of my CZ 527M into what I call the 527 CSR, and it's first post production testing. 527 CSR - YouTube
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    What I did today... CZ P09 at the Range

    AKA, how to kill a whole day with one range trip - shoot in the morning, make the video in the afternoon. First rounds with the CZ P-09 at 25 yards, at the steel target known as Thugly. P 09 vs Thugly - YouTube
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    Promised video. ;)

    P 09 First look - YouTube
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    First day at the range with the new P-09

    It was a brisk 100 degrees at 9AM, with a nice breeze. Beautiful spring day in Arizona. ;) I was out with my brand new CZ P-09, having arrived yesterday. I wasn't going to wait too long before breaking it in, so after a clean and oil, out we went. I took the widest variety of ammo I could get...
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    Incredible Australian holster from High Noon Holsters

    You ever seen a grown man giggle like a school girl? I did, yesterday.;) Let me back up a bit, to when I discovered that High Noon Holsters had recently brought in something nobody else could, the new Red Nichols line of holsters, made in Australia and imported exclusively by High Noon...
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    Oh. Wow.

    A little Thunder from Down Under, the Maltese Falcon from High Noon Holsters, imported from Nichols of Queensland, Australia. This thing is built like a tank. I normally hate using flash, but this pic turned out much better than I thought. More pictures and video coming soon. Holster pictured...
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    High Noon Double Jeopardy IWB rig review

    When I got a sly e-mail from a deep cover unnamed source behind the wire at the fortified High Noon Holster facility to tip me the wink that something was coming, I knew it must be good. High Noon makes the best quality leather I’ve found anywhere, and this had to be even better, as it was said...
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    A little fun with the shotgun today...

    CZ 712 - YouTube
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    Proof that I will make videos about almost anything

    Berry's rotary sifter:popcorn::popcorn: Super Sifter - YouTube
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    Compared to the Internet Commandos, I am pretty bad..

    But I will put it up so people can tell me how bad I am. ;) 50 yards with various CZ pistols.
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    Do you like 22lr adapters?

    Short video look a the CZ-USA Kadet Kit 2.
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    5.56mm vz-58 video

    Had some fun yesterday morning with a good friend, and happened to have the camera along...
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    The CZ SP-01 Phantom I have too much fun with that free Window program...
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    May I introduce my rifle? SA vz-58 The SA vz-58 rifles, excellent firearms.
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    Range trip with my son Done video style. :)