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  1. Maxx2893

    Sig P938 opinions please

    Hey guys, been awhile since I've been around. Been busy with work, school, and racing this past semester. Anyways, my 21st is a month away and I'm looking at my options for carry. Right now the front runners are the Sig p938 and p238. I just wanted to see what y'all think of them if any of...
  2. Maxx2893

    Offroad Toys

    Hey guys, Haven't been around much lately. Been pretty busy with work, school, racing. Just wanted to throw out, if y'all are in to quads, bikes, jet ski's, side by side's, or any offroad vehicles. Go check out It's another Fully Driven forum, and it's pretty dead right...
  3. Maxx2893

    Ghosts of WWII

    Neat and eery project. This person found pictures from WWII, went to the location, took a modern picture from the same angle, and combined the new and old pictures together. If your a history buff or just interested in WWII check out the link. Ghosts of WWII: Photos of Soldiers Seen in the...
  4. Maxx2893

    Foursevens Preon 2 Review

    My Foursevens Preon 2 Review: I wanted to get a slim, easy to carry light that I would carry in my pocket everyday. I knew right away that even though I wanted some of the bigger lights, They would be more cumbersome and I wouldn't carry them. So I started my research. I was first looking at...
  5. Maxx2893

    Foursevens Preon 2 Review

    (Coming Soon) in transit to me.
  6. Maxx2893

    Rigid Industries Halo Review

    This is a review over the Rigid Industries Halo Torch. This thing is awesome! Pretty compact, your not gonna carry it in your pocket but it's not a giant light. It's the brightest flashlight I've ever seen. It's got 3 modes: High, Medium, Low, Strobe, and SOS. It's got a rechargeable battery...
  7. Maxx2893

    What's your EDC?

    What's your current everyday carry? I'm talking the whole package, not just your ccw. Please add your EDC below. Mine currently: phone/keys/wallet, SOG Aegis Mini clipped in my pocket for utilitarian tasks, Foursevens Preon 2 clipped in other pocket for general flashlight tasks, and either a...
  8. Maxx2893

    Flashlight Thread

    Anybody here addicted to flashlights? This a thread all about em. General discussion. Post up what you got, doesn't matter if it's something special, or just a Maglight Mini. I've got a little Stanley FatMax spotlight and a Rigid Industries Halo Torch. If you have any question, let me know!
  9. Maxx2893

    Gear Section.

    How about a gear section? Somewhere we can talk about all kinds of different gear. Flashlights, multi-tools, boots, shooting gloves, vests, bulletproof gear, etc. I have a feeling many of the members here would be interested in talking about that type of stuff as well. I realize this is off -...
  10. Maxx2893

    What Did I Win?

    Hey guys, was attending the annual Sportsmans Club of Fort Worth's Wild Game Dinner last night, and I actually won something this year. It was a Browning 20 gun safe and everything in it. It includes the following: 1 Browning T-bolt 17HMR 1 Beretta 96 .40 Cal pistol (what's the difference...
  11. Maxx2893

    SOG Aegis Mini Review

    SOG Aegis Mini Review: All I can say is awesome. I love this knife. I love the blade shape, I love the weight (or lack thereof), I love the size. It's an awesome knife. I was worried about ordering the mini vs. the fullsized knife. I went ahead with the mini and I'm glad I did. It's still a...
  12. Maxx2893

    S&W M&P Shield .40

    Looking for a S&W M&P Shield in .40. Please let me know if you have anything and what your price is.
  13. Maxx2893

    Tapco 30rds

    Here's a lead on Tapco 30rd mags guys. Good price, they will go fast. $100 for a 5 pack = $20 a piece.
  14. Maxx2893

    Skeet Shooting

    Anybody here shoot skeet? I like to go on occasion, and am getting more in to it. Post up your skeet rig and your score cards. I'll be continually updating this thread with my own.
  15. Maxx2893

    Bug Out Bag

    Here's a thread on Bug out Bags. If you've got questions about em; what they're for,what do you keep in em, what should you keep in em, what should you look for, etc. here is your place. If you've got em, post up what you keep in yours. Hopefully this will be a thread members can go to if they...
  16. Maxx2893

    Knife suggestions

    Hey guys looking for some suggestions on self defense knives. I have an edc I almost always have on me. But I'd like to get a neck knife and possibly one to strap around my ankle. Can never have too many. Anyways I'm looking for some suggestions on good quality ones if you know of any. Thanks y'all
  17. Maxx2893

    Bolt Gun Picture Thread

    Alright guys we have a shotgun and a handgun picture thread, it's time to show off your bolt guns. I'll start us off. Fierce Fury CXR in .300 WSM
  18. Maxx2893

    Live NRA Press Conference

    Watch here, it's on now!
  19. Maxx2893

    FrogLube on Knives

    Alright this is my take on FrogLube. I just finished applying it for the first time. I'm very impressed with this stuff so far. You gotta lube your knives guys. It keeps them working smoothly and keeps the rust away. I know some of you are saying "knives are stainless steel, why worry about...
  20. Maxx2893

    Chat Thread (DDD)

    Alright guys this will be just a general chat thread. Whatever you wanna post (as long as it's allowed), you can't derail it. Opinions, off topic questions that you don't wanna start a thread, drunken banter, whatever. For the FRFer's basically DDD thread, especially since ours is down right...