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    Internet take over.

    I am hearing the UN will be running the internet after Oct 1. Some more social engineering by a clown. WTF
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    9 th of court of appeals says screw all of us. The court ruled that canceled carry was not a right under the foundering fathers guide lines. I think they will have problems enforcing it.
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    Guide rod

    Ok all you gun people what kind of guide rod do you have on your 1911. My springfield came with a 2 piece one that is going away soon. Want to be able to field strip gun without tools.
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    Is it legal to kill them where you live ? Here there is a season. They are included in migratory birds.
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    Double guns

    Lets talk double barrels. By my back door is a 22lr under a 410 /3" shotgun. Both are my most used guns. 22 for tree rats and 410 bird shot for other pests that visit . What other doubles out there ?
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    Clintons supporters

    KKK grand dragon from Mexifornia just put his support behind the hildabeast. That should get here some more votes.
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    Hilldabeast is already having people cheat for her. It is not to early to lie cheat and steal an election. I hope the FBI charges her soon.
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    Our senate is voting on open carry today I/29/16. There are other gun laws that are being heard like getting stand you ground back the way it should be.
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    What weapon system would you want for SHTF AK or AR ? If I had to make a choice it would be the AR. The type of ammo most prevalent would be next. Came up in another forum.
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    New gun

    Springfield Operator joined the crew today. Real tight and pretty, going to rub it in the mud and loose its virginity tomorrow. :shooter:
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    Firing shots

    What does it take to make the ruger 10 22 fire shorts? New recoil spring or bolt ?
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    War on cops!!!!!!

    This is out of control and will get bad for all of us. Time for local sheriffs to start forming posse's.
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    caleber conversions

    Has anybody tried any of these?CHAMBER ADAPTERS They have many neat caliber changes.
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    Any body have any experience with the micro sigs in 9mm? P238
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    Murders in SC.

    Has the type of gun been revealed yet ? I have heard the young man was a drug offender and on some kind of pain meds. I think heraldo is stirring the pot.
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    What is your favorite guns?

    What is your favorite gun? Mine is my Kimber CDP in 45 acp. I call her Rita. :favorites37:
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    Hurricane season in Florida.

    When Hurricane Season begins on June 1st, if Floridians have to be evacuated not only will they be allowed to bring their children, their pets and their valuables but will also be allowed to legally carry their guns, even without a weapons permit. With Gov. Rick Scott's signature of SB 290, all...
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    Firearms writer reports that glocks are the cause of many AD's and bad shootings because of the triggers. The short trigger stroke and no external safety have been the cause and they should not be service weapons. He also went on to say that under stress the trigger is covered by the finger and...
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    Trip to gun store.

    Wow, the prices on most guns is going way up. Kooks like the stores are trying to get what they can before the collapse . Saw 2 nice Wilson Combat 1911 that were used for over $2,000. 22 shorts are hard to find also. Help the 43 glock and it was to small for my hands.I will stay with my 27 for...
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    My recent post in joke of the day has an attachment that should not be there. I don't know how it got there. Please correct and check for intrusion.