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    Wazzzuuup fellers!!!

    Wha??? Anybody miss me? Sent from my VK810 4G using Tapatalk
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    Well been out of it for a while...starting a new job Monday, moving to Nashville, selling our home of 9+ years and gonna do a private academy schooling due to the rotten to the common, how have you guys been? Hopefully we can do a little more shooting!
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    Ds fal sa58

    Anybody have any experience with these? thinking about a UN ammo'd long gun...
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    WELCOME TOOOO 10EC!!!! NRA News | Jeff Reh: Maryland's Gun Laws Forced Expansion to Tennessee
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    Some m1 carbine love

    Well, finally found and bought some "new" 30rounders and ammo at a good price!!! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Soooo Awesome!

    WestJet Christmas Miracle: real-time giving - YouTube wow! capitalism at its finest! now they will have customers for life.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
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    The gotta have accessory!!!!

    Tac-Con 3MR rapid-fire non-NFA trigger for ARs (VIDEO) NFA compliant, ATF approved!!! What do you think? :hail:
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    any thoughts on a 80%ER?

    My thoughts, cash 80% lower, my own finish. cash or paypal own gun. Leagel? yes in TN \. it is recommended to have a serial# due to possible theft but after at least a year, well, you all have heard about personal buying and selling in TN... What is the thoughts of the edumacated and...
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    Insane helicopter pilot skills - YouTube
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    Karambit Knife...

    I want one hoes!!! How To Use The Karambit Knife: Episode 3 - Military and Law Enforcement Use - YouTube
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    Been a while...

    Air Force Academy, go Eagles! SWSS from somewhere....
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    Who is Antonio West?

    No, I am not racist...but if this doesn't bother you - go suck a .45 muzzle, cause we are way better off without you...think whatever you want, this bothers me. My name was Antonio West. I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens, who were...
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    My Frakin Hero....

    Statue of Korean War horse Reckless to be unveiled at Marine museum in Virginia | Fox News :happy160:
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    just substitute Fall Branch, TN instead

    Hometown Loyall-ty | Coal Troll's Blog Very well spoken, er, written.
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    Job Opportunities

    I do not remember seeing one but I thought with the geo-diversity we have this may be a good place to post job opportunities. If the modo guys want to make a new place that is ok as well. I don't mean the 50K call center jobs on monster but real jobs that may never be noted otherwise from guys...
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    Last book read.

    Control from Glenn Beck Short, solid and useful information to deal with the controlists! What you guys reading??? SWSS from somewhere....
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    why don we hear this on the drive-by?

    Shots fired at Tennessee nuclear plant, mainstream media silent - Arlington Conservative |
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    Bike I am thinking...

    about building. Probably buy the rolling chassis. Welcome to SuckerPunch Sallys 2009 - the Meathook is what I am looking at...what are you thoughts, cares and concerns? :rockit: