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    Who Likes 1911's

    Get a Baer, you will love it! I did and I have a bunch of other 1911. OZ
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    This is what I got from them. Springfield Armory ReCall Registration Had I known before sending it in, I would not. Would have shot it some more. OZ
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    Anybody Do Any Reloading?

    I shoot a lot of 45 and 308. and yes it does cut down on the cost. I have 2 Dillon 650 and a 550. A bit of over kill but I'm single.
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    WeaponsForum Activity Contest Giveaway Round 1!

    Well count me in
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    Hello - From Everywhere

    Thank you and your wife for your service. Welcome
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    Unknown Benelli, for experts

    Looks like my M1. SL121M1 Imported by H&K.
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    1911's... Let's see em...

    Real nice weapon. I was looking at one this last weekend that was threaded but they wanted 1100.00. A bit to much for me
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    Beta mag from Sportsman Guide

    Did anyone read the gear review from GunsAmerican? It was about the Korea Beta mags knock off. The links is 100 Round C-Mag Copy from KCI Korea – Gear Review They still have a few. Ordered mine for $180.00 Take care OZ
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    1911's... Let's see em...

    The Sig shoots better than the Kimbers and the Les Baer shoots the best. I carry it the most.
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    1911's... Let's see em...

    A Colt, couple of Springfield's, 3 Sigs, a couple of Para's. Most are 45's, a 380 and two 40's. Have a bunch more in the safe down in the shop. Oh forgot the Les Baer Take care OZ
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    any left handed guys?

    Hand Here is the pic of my rt hand. Or what is left of it. OZ
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    Bolt Gun Picture Thread

    338 Lapua Remington 700 police 338 Lapua with a 454C Raging Judge OZ
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    1911's... Let's see em...

    1911 Here is a couple of mine. OZ
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    Bolt Gun Picture Thread

    50 bmg 50 BMG and a 338 Lapua against a Challenger aircraft windshield. Had no problems at all. And a blast to shoot!
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    A Rational Discussion on Guns

    I want a tank. OZ
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    1911's... Let's see em...

    Les Baer Custom TRS
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    Bolt Gun Picture Thread

    Anybody play with heavy rifles? 50's
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    Feinstein's list of 157 banned guns

    WOW, I have about 35 of the bad guns.
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    any left handed guys?

    Wish I had started doing that a long time ago. It is good to practice with both hands just in case something goes wrong. OZ
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    any left handed guys?

    How do you put a picture in here? Its not pretty but you asked for it. HAHA a little humor.