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    STGW 44 in use by Syrian rebels!

    Good guns don't stay down. I've seen Mosin M44s in use in Africa in the last several years.
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    Wisconsin National Guard photo sparks outrage

    Edited to remove comments unread.
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    Did Cuomo Aide Commit a Gun Crime -- and Get Away with It?

    If they attempt to bring it up, the judge will declare a mistrial and start over with a new jury and lawyers chastised to never, ever, try to embarrass the Office of the Mayor...and life as serfs will continue. I can only hope that somehow NYC and other places get a good solid legal spanking...
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    Remember this one?

    You'll love the way it feels and carries, too. :)
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    Remember this one?

    Also available for the Glock 42. ;)
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    Don't Bring a Bat to a Gunfight

    Language wasn't English, no clue.
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    Remember this one?

    Feels like... Well, the line is up and running!!! High Noon Holsters, Gun Holsters and Concealment Holsters Bison gear is available at High Noon right now. I have many products from this company and love them all, great gear, great people!
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    Name this vehicle

    Panther G, with the chin guard armor on the main gun mantlet to protect against the shot trap of the original turret. Best medium tank of the war, adopted by the Spaniards as their medium tank after the war, IIRC.
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    Have any gun stickers on your car?

    I have a sticker from a gun company on my car, but unless you were pretty familiar with the company and it's logo, you wouldn't have a clue what it is. :)
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    States considering the firing squad

    I remember hearing years ago that Utah was advertising for volunteers for the firing squad. Rumor has it that the invite was SUPPOSED to go only to members of the Utah State Police, but somehow ended up going nation wide...imagine the response. I agree - all the states are having difficulty...
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    30 magazine Clip.... Wait... What?

    All the buzzwords thrown together, regardless if accurate or even logical sounding - he hit all the magic buzzwords, so Feinstien will be happy with him. Never forget the California legislator who publicly invited all law abiding gun owners to leave the state - wonder who would pay the light...
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    Beretta PX4 .40 cal purchase

    I had the exact model you are looking at - I traded it off. Unless I was incredibly careful, the trigger would jerk me off target quite often. I wasn't at all impressed with the accuracy. As a pistol, it was interesting, see here, Silent Movie Storm - YouTube I traded it off, and don't regret it.
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    KY lawmaker fires gun in office

    Of course it did. Like the Democrat who carried a gun onto an airplane and got away with it. It truly is who you are in determining punishment/guilt. Ma'am, make us all happy - put yourself away from law making before more bad judgment causes legislative negligent discharges.
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    "Lifebuoy" WWII British flamethrower

    I understand that the life span of a flamethrowerman in the Pacific, especially on Iwo Jima, was measured in minutes, because the Japanese hated the things so much. Wearing the Ronson Backpack meant you were about to die.
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    Shame on who asked if it was Ferengi...Ferengi hide would cost too much, as the Rules Of Acquisition would require relatives to sell it quite dearly. Quickly, but dearly.
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    Nope - it's the brand new BISON hide, read American Buffalo hide holster from High Noon. Not quite out for production yet, but I have to say, it looks better in person - the coloration is hard to do justice with a camera.
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    Nope, NOT elephant, sorry. ;) It's hard to get the lighting right to get that dark lava like texture and coloring to come out right.
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    Not alligator, but a hide not often seen in holsters...not for a looooong time.
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    Funny Pics

    More likely Nigerian or Rwandan "Peace Keepers".
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    Hey tanks alot for this video

    Nope, looked a wee bit like a Barret L-82, didn't t. :) Looks like an absolute blast, wish I could take my son there - he'd go NUTS.