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    New portable range stand

    Pretty much! All the AR500 plate was from
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    Washington State FAQ's on Gun Carry

    Taken from Washington State Frequently Asked Questions About Gun Carry 1) Where can I carry in Washington? Washington State follows British legal tradition, which states that anything that is not proscribed as unlawful is lawful (also called the "Rule of Lenity," which stands...
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    New portable range stand

    I have always been tired of having to use multiple stands for my steel plates when going shooting. I wanted something portable, yet sturdy to be able to shoot at. A few weeks ago, I finally built my perfect stand. What it is, is your typical 2x4 target base and stand. I used a THICK 5'...
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    Hello from WA!

    Here thanks to the TYF forum sending me an email. Name is Dan, and I am a gunner. Pretty typical collection (9mm, .45, .22, AR, Mosin, Shotty, 10/22 etc etc. Also, I co-own a Washington Based firearm forum / classifieds called