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    Funny Pics

    Maybe they need some clearer signs, like this one: Max
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    So Whatcha Doin' Today?

    Returned here, after about two years. Been busy, so a lot of hobbies had to wait. Max
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    Recommandation for Home Protection

    @J-Jones: I'm (rather) close to you (anti-gun germany), and I recently saw those two videos. I quite like the channel, and got most of my gun-knowledge from there. Maybe they help you along a bit: 5 Home Defense Guns: 5 Guns for a bump in the night...
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    Cecil the Lion killer contacts authorities

    On a side note: I don't know exactly how they pulled it off without screwing up the grammar, but a german newspaper published an article of about 15 words, 5 of them being "Lion." I guess they REALLY wanted to emphasize the point that it was a lion, and not some other animal. Max
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    Does less-lethal rifle/pistol-ammunition exist?

    It's for a book project, and before I make them up I wondered if it exists. In the book they try to slow down (but not kill) a guy from a few hundred yards away, clearly out of range for any shotgun. Max
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    Does less-lethal rifle/pistol-ammunition exist?

    Hello everyone I know that there are less-lethal "beanbag"-rounds for shotguns. But do less lethal rounds also exist for rifles or pistols, or do they only exist for shotguns? Thanks in advance, Max
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    Smart gun can be hacked

    I saw a piece about the rifle and its technology some time ago on a german youtube-channel, and wondered why a rifle needs WLan in the first place. Would someone mind to explain? Max
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    Gun firing drone draws attention

    Oh, okay. My bad. We don't have those zones over here, so I wondered. Maybe I should do a little research next time. Max
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    Gun firing drone draws attention

    How come nobody thought about some bad guy strapping a box/can with ANFO or similar to a camera-drone? As much fun as it is to use drones for fun and filming/photography, how come nobody yet thought about the risk they pose? Max
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    An Oldie but a goodie

    Jim Carrey had a guest roll in the "Kick Ass 2"-Movie, only to refuse to take part in any publicity-work because he said he didn't expect the movie to turn out that violent. Am I the only one who expects some violence in a movie called "Kick Ass"? Max
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    An Oldie but a goodie

    The best thing about the Ronin Carchase is how they pulled it off. 200 stuntdrivers, one in every single car involved in the chase, and all the "Hero Cars" were right-hand driven, with mock steering wheels installed on the left, where the actors were positioned. Max
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    An Oldie but a goodie

    Close, it's a 551, at least as far as I (and these guys: Ronin - Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games know). Also, kinda ironic that he wants people to get rid of their guns. Career-wise, he seems quite fond of them: Robert De Niro - Internet Movie Firearms...
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    Funny Pics

    The problem is that, how much longer does it take to reload that thing, compared to changing out a normal (let's say) 30 round magazine? Max
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    Let's see your rides!

    Hello everyone I know it's been some time since the last post here, but I'm just a little too proud to keep silent. I got my license yesterday morning! I already bought my car in January, as it needed some work done. It'd belonged to my niece's grandmother, and spent a year parked on a meadow...
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    Funny Pics

    Every single time someone tells me that I'll end in hell/go to hell, I have the same reply: Sure I will, but with VIP-wristband and free drink. Max
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    WW2 German Riffle, looking for more information.

    Dear Orian I'm no gun-expert either, but, with the rifle being so old, maybe the parts are "matching numbers", meaning no part was ever replaced. Max
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    Mysterious rifle, can someone ID it?

    Hello everyone When looking around another forum, I saw a picture of a quite futuristic rifle. I couldn't ID it in any way, so maybe one of you guys can. I only know that it's NOT a Steyr Aug, and that's a civilian one. Thanks in advance, Max
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    Murders in SC.

    I heard of those guys, but maybe the bus-variant is much easier to pull off. And also leaving much less gaps than a row of motorbikes. Max
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    Funny Pics

    There is said to be a John-Woo movie (don't know which), where a character puts around 9000 rounds through a Beretta 92. He is shown reloading, though. Once. Max
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    Joke of the day

    Do you guys know the tiniest joke in the world? German tax-cuts. #Unfunnybuttrue Max