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    Anyone else see the HUGE Anti NRA Turnout???

    Bunch of idiots :flipthebird:
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    Piers Morgan gets Owned by Pressure Cookes and Sen Stacy Campfield

    I hate that fucker. If the USA sucks so much, he needs to take his ass back to England.
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    talk about hypocritical...

    She was shot with a pistol so I don't get the hate for ARs. I really think he is using her injury for political gain.:goofy_batman:
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    This really offends me ... Feinstein says Vets shouldn't own guns...

    Why is this bitch still in office? Its like her sole purpose in life is to get guns banned.:banghead:
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    B-17 ride

    :banana-mario: Nice birthday present!
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    Remington 870 project gun. LOTS of pics

    Looks great as is. I cant wait to see it finished.:Rock on:
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    SKS Detachable Mags?!?!

    I have never used any with mine. My bro has a couple of TAPCO mags that have worked great in his. What I really want is an easy way to convert it to take AK mags. I have alot of those.
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    Chiappa Triple Barrel Shotgun

    I would buy one. Looks like fun.
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    What model of AR-15 do you have/want?

    No can yet. I am not sure what caliber to get. Is there a good variety of ammo for both calibers.
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    Custom guns

    Yeah and it needs to be converted also.
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    What model of AR-15 do you have/want?

    I had 2 S&W M-P 15s but sold one to my brother. Now I want a big bore AR but don't know which caliber. Maybe 6.8 or .300 blk
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    Prepping for new assault weapons ban.

    Springfield Armory M1A
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    Custom guns

    Great. I might go Friday morning to drop my Saiga off.
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    Mini 14...

    I use the factory sights on mine and its fairly accurate under 100 yards. I love my AR but my Mini 14s are lots of fun. Both Minis that I have are older models but I have thought about buying a new model to try out.
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    Custom guns

    Does your shop have normal store hours or is it by appointment only? My Saiga needs your help.
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    Bus Driver Slaps Girl

    :High 5: nice uppercut
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    Let's see your rides!

    I love the exhaust on your truck. It looks mean and loud.:High 5:
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    looking for a lever action

    Get a Henry with the big loop. Its perfect.
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    Another Texas Guy

    South of Austin in a small town called Gonzales
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    Anyone else have a GSG 5

    Mine has been very reliable with no problems at all. I love the accuracy plus its lots of fun to shoot.