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    Kimber Help

    Got her back. Packing list stated they adjusted extractor and slide stop. Test fired 4 mags of various ammo. Probably should have tested it first myself before installing the MSH magwell but decided against it. The good news is it looks badass with the new vz grips, vz screws, magwell, and...
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    Kimber Help

    Waiting on UPS today for the gun. I have no idea what they've done with it so I hope they include a note or I guess I'm calling to figure out what their findings were. In the meantime I did a little shopping in anticipation for a what I hope to consider my new and improved Kimber. VZ...
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    Kimber Help

    Talked to Kimber and they emailed me a prepaid packing slip. Will be getting it off to them shortly. Will update once I get it back. Just hope they get it figured out.
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    Kimber Help

    Sent another 150 rounds down the pipe today. Started off with the Chip McCormick power mags which had instant failures in the first 20 rounds. Switched it to the Kimber mags and thought problem solved as I squeezed off close to 100 flawless rounds. All of a sudden, the failures started occurring...
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    Kimber Help

    It was an anniversary gift from my wife. Needless to say its a keeper piece. I field stripped it today and wetted the girl up real good. Worked the slide a bit. Plan to shoot it tomorrow. Lord knows I could use the practice. Still would like to consider myself a good shot with my 1911's but...
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    9mm: Glock v. XD v. Sig SP2022

    More of a truck gun when I'm out in the desert. Probably won't ever CC it.
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    Kimber Help

    Good point...
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    9mm: Glock v. XD v. Sig SP2022

    Appreciate the feedback. Thought about the kimber solo but need to diversify as I already have two full size kimbers. Lol. Glock 19 is on sale down the street too... Hmmm.
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    50 rds of Remington 223

    Thanks for the heads up. Might have to grab a few boxes.
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    Kimber Help

    Thanks! I'm thinking of giving Wilson combats a try.
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    Kimber Help

    Not yet... Hoping one day next week. Will report back.
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    Today Sucks

    Ahh man, sorry to see you lose your buddy. My dogs are like my kids. I know I'll cry like a baby when that day comes.
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    Marlin 25N Makeover

    Nice resto!
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    Ruger SR1911 Commander

    Great looking 1911.
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    9mm: Glock v. XD v. Sig SP2022

    I also like the idea of being able to buy a Sig for $450. Local gun shop is selling one w/o the night sites for that price. Mighty tempting...
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    9mm: Glock v. XD v. Sig SP2022

    Appreciate the advice fellas.
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    A round in the chamber of a Glock 36

    Noted. Haha!
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    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Lol. I took it out to the desert with some buddies and that was their exact remark.
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    Hello from NY

    What's up fletch. Tizzle here.
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    LOVE my new Inforce Weapons Light

    Any pics of the light output?