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    Need help picking a knife

    I had forgotten I made this thread. I ended up with another $100 gift card and finally broke down and got a benchmade 940. I'm in love with this knife, and now understand people's freaking out over them. If something ever happens to it, I'll get another. I'm sold on them. I've been a little...
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    WTS: Colt Delta Elite (Houston, TX)

    Hey, it's not ALL being sold... Just a lot of it. Should be getting the check for the AR-10 tomorrow.
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    WTS: Colt Delta Elite (Houston, TX)

    Tim, how in the hell do you have over 1K posts? Where in the heck have I been...
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    WTS: Colt Delta Elite (Houston, TX)

    This gun is on consignment at my LGS, but I can have it in a day if anyone is interested in checking it out. I figured there would be a few more 10mm nuts here than the distance shooters that frequent his place. If that's an issue, I bet this thread will be deleted quick. I had it reworked by...
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    Need help picking a knife

    Refuse to buy Chinese, don't want assisted opening because I'm tired of replacing springs, has to be a folder, preferably around 4" or less closed, but not micro-knives, and a good grade of steel. I am pretty rough on my stuff. I have a $50 gift card to Cabela's, so that would help if they...
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    .22LR suppressors

    Went with the Outback II-D. Lightweight, and you can see through the sights even with the can on. Buddy of mine just bought the Warlock, and I liked the take-down of it. They all seemed about on an even keel. The Element 2 is good for anyone wanting to use it with a 17HMR, along with a few other...
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    .22LR suppressors

    Tim, I have a new toy that would make that ok on the P22, should be here Friday...
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    .22LR suppressors

    Ha, those are neat, but I'd rather have a lighter 22 can.
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    .22LR suppressors

    If I had my license (my own damn fault), I'd fly there. Hefty drive, though, as you know too well.
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    .22LR suppressors

    Yup, but maybe elsewhere if we roll from her house.
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    .22LR suppressors

    Be heading to the range Sunday afternoon trying to convert a hippy girl to not be afraid of guns.
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    .22LR suppressors

    Hey guys, I have a choice between a Pilot 2, Outback II, and a Warlock 2. If anyone has any input, I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm looking for decent sound suppression, light weight, and durability. I'm rough on a lot of my stuff, but I guess I could not chunk this anywhere, haha. I'm leaning...
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    Sw sd40ve

    I had one of the first gen .40S&W and the trigger was terrible until I did the "trigger job" and had about 1500 rounds through it. Still a DA, but it ALWAYS went bang, and ate everything I gave it. Wish I hadn't sold it...
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    That is VERY cool. As someone who had flint on our property as a kid, I tried my hand at this for hours and never got it right. To see them on modern tech, that's just awesome.
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    2-4 is all you need

    :hmmm2: I need to invent a "TV gun." Haha.
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    Hit Gun haters where it counts

    I remember getting an email on this a while back. Hell of a long list, but you get the idea. The Big List of Who Hates Guns | The Daily Caller
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    AR-15 Lowers

    I'll take "BULLNETTLES" on one of mine. The second can have whatever, can't think of anything cool.
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    What Legislation will Work?

    I was waiting for someone to make a post like this. Bravo.
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    Vortex Viper PST

    Yup, definitely going to have to do some reading. Won't be buying a scope for a while though since I have a Millet on it right now. Grab a 30mm mount after some research, then put down some coin for better glass.