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    Inexpensive shotgun upgrade

    When I first built my Remington SBS, I bought a hi-viz sight that clips onto the top rib. It was plastic and also had magnets. It came with 4 different fiber tubes, and an extra magnet. As I was sending the third shot down range, I realized that I had no more front sight. Never did find it...
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    Great guns at or under $500?

    My neighbor bought an Auto Ordinance I think it was called. 1911 imported by Kahr. It was under $500. Sometimes Sub-compact XDs can be found for under $500, but no 45acp. Rock Island 1911. You could by like 4 Hi-points?
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    Anyone Use Tritium Sights?

    I've got TruGlo TFOs on my XD45 Tactical duty gun. I'd like to put some on my XD9 Subcompact as well. I had AJAMES over at XDTALK forums do the install.
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    Has anyone played around with Less Lethal 12G ammo?

    I've played with some rubber buck shot, plastic slugs, star rounds and some bird scare rounds. Never shot a person, or been shot. Just targets and such. If it were viable for my job I'd get certified and carry a dedicated pump gun for it, but it's not. Lightfield was the brand of most of...
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    Ever been tasered?

    Years ago at a kid's birthday party, my cop friend had his taser in his truck and two of us took drive stuns to the leg. More recently, during my own Taser certification, I layed face down with a wire wrapped around each hand and took a 3 second hit. Hurt like hell, but still better than OC.
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    Savage Mark II Thread

    I have a wood stocked MKII with a tapered barrel and a fixed 4X scope. It's my squirrel gun and it's quite accurate with Remington Sub-sonics. I also love to shoot the Aguila Super Colibri rounds. Super quiet, yet only good for 15 yards or so with accuracy.
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    Some videos of my Remington 870 SBS

    I used Naval Jelly to remove the finish on mine, then I sprayed it with Ceramic Header paint and cooked it in the oven for a few hours. Nice matte finish.
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    The WeaponsForum Big Giveaway I

    I don't know that I'll have 50 quality posts by the deadline, but I do think it's great that you did this and its a good way to promote participation. I am involved with another forum for members of my local gun club and it's hard to get it going because no one participates, so then no one else...
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    Kimber Pepperblaster

    Only two shots? I'd rather carry a Derringer. Look at the spitfire OC spray. It's in a little better form factor that doesn't really even look like pepper spray. Plus you can get saline refills for practicing.
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    All the way from the expeditionforum

    I hate my Expeditions, but I love my guns.
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    Some videos of my Remington 870 SBS

    Nice. Is that a factory job? I have a Wingmaster with a Vented rib barrel that I cut down to just over 12". It's my only tax stamp. It always gets looks at the range.