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  1. JTKustoms

    Sig 2022 IWB holster & MA range recomendations

    I'm from the north shore area and go to mass rifle association in woburn
  2. JTKustoms

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    really? never knew that, good to know
  3. JTKustoms

    Let's see your rides!

  4. JTKustoms

    Opinions on Froglube

    guy at the local dealer gave me a small 99 cent container to try out, i'm still pretty new to all the different cleaners since all i have used is basic rem oil. I used it on my mosin and marlin 795, so i'm also interested in how this stuff is
  5. JTKustoms

    "All this for a damn flag"

    couldn't agree more
  6. JTKustoms

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Txhillbilly, that remington autoloader looks awesome. I know a guy who skeet shoots with one of those and absolutely loves it
  7. JTKustoms

    "All this for a damn flag"

    my mother recently forwarded me this email, this is copy and pasted from it: "Obama's wife as seen by deaf people Obama and his wife were attending The 9/11 Memorial Ceremony and watched as the Color Guard folded the flag into a triangular shape, according to custom. A video camera caught...
  8. JTKustoms

    Mossberg help please

    thank you once again, i'm away at school so i havent been getting a lot of range time recently so i'm not really in any rush. but i plan on ordering atleast the slide tube next week then maybe ask a few gun friends if they have that tool before ordering it
  9. JTKustoms

    Mossberg help please

    Thank you for the quick response, ive taken it apart to clean before so disassembly and reassembly wont be a problem. I'll order the 7 5/8" one soon and see how it goes
  10. JTKustoms

    Mossberg help please

    Hey guys so i bought a mossy 500 over the summer and have since upgraded to an ATI stock kit. This kit also came with a tactical looking forend with rails, but the problem is that my gun was manufactured this year and has the action tube basically built into the factory forend. I have read...
  11. JTKustoms

    Mossberg 500 Specs

    I've had my 500 since june and absolutely love it. Always get looks and comments at the range when people hear it go off, its a terrifying combination to hear it rack then blow a huge flame out the front with a boom that shakes the whole room
  12. JTKustoms

    Marlin 795 - any owners? Opinions?

    I have a 795, you can check it out in my albums. I've put thousands of rounds through it and absolutly love it. It was my first gun so i just wanted something cheap that i could shoot all the time and it always performs. I have a 3-9 adjustable scope and a bipod on it and it's very accurate for...
  13. JTKustoms

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    looks like the same ATI stock i have on my mossberg....awesome gun man
  14. JTKustoms

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    yeah you're right, because i've used red and blue slugs before from winchester and federal and i have a box of 00 buck with the mossberg and those shells are a dark red.
  15. JTKustoms

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    in my pictures? the red ones are the clay shooting loads and the green ones are remington slugs
  16. JTKustoms

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    These are my two, Mossberg 500 and Winchester Model 1912
  17. JTKustoms

    Shotgun Picture Thread

    Hey guys, just wanted to start up a picture thread of everyone's shotguns, I'll put up some pics of mine when I'm on my computer
  18. JTKustoms

    What is your self defense load?

    Mossberg 500 with 2 3/4 federal 00 buck
  19. JTKustoms

    John from MA

    Hey guys it's JTKustoms from the expedition forum, got an email about this site and had to join. Currently own 4 rifles and 2 shotguns, waiting til I turn 21 so I can get into handguns and build a nice AR. Look forward to meeting you guys