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    Lets see your Handgun pics!

    My newest addition.
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    Sw sd40ve

    I have the 1st gen and the new one in 40 and it is night and day. As stated that trigger was a pure mess. But for the money I didn't complain. The new version is a dream to shoot and the price I paid makes it even better.
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    Gun belts

    I love my Cobra Riggers Belt from HSGI. They have a new one without all the extra hardware hitting the market any day.
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    Lets see your Handgun pics!

    Here are a couple of my new additions. The BDE 9mm is a dream to shoot. Taurus PT145 Baby Desert Eagle II 9mm Compact
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    FrogLube on Knives

    I use it as well on all of my blades. I like the stuff. Very inexpensive and the product goes a long way.
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    Bore Snake

    I have a few in many calibers. Great tool to have. I tend to carry one with me to the range for the gun I am shooting that day. A couple quick passes before i leave and I am comfortable not cleaning for a few days until I have the time for a full cleaning.
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    Harbor Frieght Ultrasonic Cleaner

    I use multipurpose cleaner. Nothing too specific. At least so far. I plan to buy gun specific cleaner designed for use in the unit. I want to see if there is a difference in cleaning power. But for now any multipurpose cleaner/degreaser I find.. *The unit in the video above is a heated unit...
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    Opinions on Froglube

    I have been using it on everything for a few weeks now. It does what it advertises as far as i have been able to tell. I thought my bolt carrier seemed a bit dry after initial coating, but after the first range visit I was sold. Inspected after every 50 shots and it was great.. The cleanup after...
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    What model of AR-15 do you have/want?

    Newest AR is an OLY K16 SST, build up in progress. I'll try to post a better pic later I am also working on a Spikes Tactical build.. Trying to support a local company.. That is slow process.
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    new from Fl (TYF sent me)

    Thanks everyone.. birdman that is only a few of them.. Some of my Gems arent public.. lol..
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    Harbor Frieght Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Thinking of gettng the smaller one as well. They are always on sale and I always have those 15-20% coupons around the house.
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    Lets see your Handgun pics!

    My SA 4.3" 1911...Or SPRINGFIELD ARMORY Champion 1911 4.3" Pachmayer Grips, Triji Sights.
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    new from Fl (TYF sent me)

    New to the Boards... Sent over by the Tahoe/Yukon Forums... Been shooting for 3 decades, but now getting serious about it.. I just love guns..
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    Harbor Frieght Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Thanks for watching.. I am rendering a shorter version that is half as long... Edited it down to the important parts..
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    Harbor Frieght Ultrasonic Cleaner

    In a nut shell.. I love this thing. I have used it on most of my platforms (The ones that fit), I have not tried cleaning Polymer parts, but I have had outstanding results on metal components. Best $75 I have spent on gun...
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    My Military Service

    joined the USAF in '95.... Spent the first year as a Biomed Tech, then the next 7 as a Finance Troop... Then the last 4 as an Air Traffic Controller... Loved what I did. Brain Tumor eneded the Dream Ride early, 12 years Active.. Retired as an E5 (E6 Select).. Now, I spend my days as a stay at...