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  1. Rangel

    What model of AR-15 do you have/want?

    Here's my Del-Ton Sport. With a YHM Diamond Series handgaurd.
  2. Rangel

    Pre Election AR-15(Get it before they're banned)

    LNIB Del-Ton Sport. YHM Diamond Rail Rifle length Vortex StrikeFire Red Dot MagPul Gen 2 MBUS +1000 rounds .223 Get it now before they're banned by Obummer. $2500 JK just wanted to get a rise out of y'all
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    Good to hear. She probably have some good smelling farts for a little while.
  5. Rangel


    I'm no vet, but a vet told my wife that peroxide will induce vomiting. Our schnauzer had eaten some rat poison and that's what they recommend to make sure he'd eaten it.i think it was only a small amount like a teaspoon with water. He was yacking in 15 minutes.
  6. Rangel

    Bench thread

    Very nice guys. I'll have a setup like that one day
  7. Rangel

    Another "Native" Texan

    Welcome from Houston.
  8. Rangel

    Black Rifle Thread, let's see them.

    +1 those loaders are the shit. I have two one for pistols and one for AR mags.
  9. Rangel

    Black Rifle Thread, let's see them.

    That was my fist order. 2500 rounds. So far so good. Might be the last though they're opening a store in Houston and I'll have to pay sales tax and shipping now unless I go pick it up. I'll have to see though.
  10. Rangel

    Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe

    I do it while I'm still seated in the truck most I have to do when I get out is fix my shirt. And it goes under my console(flip up) or in the console. And just the gun. So I can easily reholster when I need to get out.
  11. Rangel

    Chuck Noris - Vote For Romney

    Good ole Chuck.
  12. Rangel

    Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe

    I unholster to drive. Not because its uncomfortable, but because its hard to draw from the hip sitting with a seat belt and love handles in the way. Then reholster when I get out.
  13. Rangel

    Conceal Carry

    Oh man those holsters are terrible. I don't even use my gear it came with.
  14. Rangel

    Let's see your .357s

  15. Rangel

    Let's see your rides!

  16. Rangel


    Absolutely 100% no doubt. He'll put Branson down in a hurry.
  17. Rangel


    Branson 23month 150lbs Great Dane Beaux
  18. Rangel

    Let's see your .357s